Cloud App Testing Services

Cloud Testing To Ensure Reliable Data Protection

To accelerate time-to-market, we help organizations with a holistic testing solution that caters to different cloud platforms and services. Suma Soft's Cloud App Testing Services offer end-to-end validation of cloud migration transformation and cloud-native build with a shift-left cloud-first approach.

We simulate real-world web traffic in a cloud computing environment to test your application for heavy workloads, non-standard hacker attacks, and complex or unusual user behavior. Utilizing cloud possibilities, we also forestall major issues without additional risks for your business and help you avoid costly scenarios caused by the crash of strategic modules or functionality. Our QA team offers well-designed, comprehensive Cloud App Testing Services to test large-scale projects, ERPs, mobile applications, extensive data systems, and many more.

Our certified testers are passionate about their ability and appreciate clear and transparent communication with clients to build a long-lasting partnership.

Suma Soft's Testing Cloud Native Applications Services offer various benefits to organizations beyond cost, including cloud readiness testing, utility-like on-demand flexibility, freedom from holding assets, enhanced collaborations, greater levels of efficiency, environment management, automation, SLA governance, and compliance. We care about time, respect deadlines, and determine risks to help hundreds of businesses reduce the general expenses of QA services.

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Types of Cloud Testing We Offer

System Verification Testing

We provide system verification testing to ensure expected behavior and the correct functioning of different modules with each other, additionally in their appropriate work as per the specifications.

Acceptance Testing

Every software product represented to users meets their exact expectations. During Acceptance tests, we deliver the product to the end-users for verification.

Interoperability Testing

Within interoperability testing, our experts test the capacity of the software to work magnificently on different platforms.

Availability Testing

This testing type decides the accessibility of all the necessary components for flawless application operation in the cloud environment. We check and improve all database connections, increase fault tolerance, and guarantee service reliability.

Security Testing

We verify that only authorized users can get access to the data, and their privacy stays intact. Besides, we demonstrate user data integrity, the tenacity of the encrypted data, and security settings.

Performance Testing

The cloud service needs to perform ideally with an increase or decrease in load and stress. We verify the response time, network latency, and different parameters on all types of devices.

Multi-Tenancy Testing

Multi-tenancy testing in the Cloud offers efficient solutions to ensure the seamless operation of each specific tenant of an application. It helps maintain a strategic distance from functional failure and guarantees bug-free work while adding, deleting, or managing data through complicated infrastructures.

Disaster Recovery Testing

It allows estimating how fast the failure can be indicated and the services can be restored, additionally whether data loss may occur and how massive it might be. This testing assists with preparing for critical situations.

Suma Soft's Approach to Cloud App Testing Services

Network Testing

Infrastructure Testing

Reasons to Choose Suma Soft's Cloud App Testing Services

Access To Progressive Technologies

Using cloud technologies, organizations can scale applications through cutting-edge cloud opportunities that are available online from anywhere. Real-time analytics, flawless integration of new functionality, and quick access to the received data empower businesses on their way to comprehensive application development.

Business Scalability

Cloud Testing Services empower smart infrastructure capacities, convenient data managing, better load performance, and enhanced servers side opportunities without the threat of additional risks.

Cut Costs & Optimize Businesses

A large number of promptly available сloud testing scenarios, cloud computing environments to simulate real-world problems, and versatile dev-test technologies save businesses money without loss of quality.

24-Hour Access To Cloud Resources

Having 24-hour access to cloud resources, testing processes can be accelerated by productive time management opportunities. QA teams that are located in various time zones or geographic regions have a superior organized and flexible Agile, which enables them to work more productively.

Advanced Tools Availability

Incredible, proven, and multifunctional cloud testing instruments are at the QA team’s disposal. Such tools as BlazeMeter, LoadStorm, Nessus, App Thwack, etc., make the testing process more comprehensive, quicker, and fruitful.

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