Subscription Management BPO Services

Suma Soft's Subscription Management BPO Services for a Leading Publishing House in the USA

Client’s Background

The client is a leading American publishing house with some of the most popular Magazine Titles and largest subscriptions.

Project Requirements

Reducing TAT & Coverage

Subscription management was taking three weeks to get renewals. With changing customer demands, this was required to be lowered significantly. Special requests such as cancellations, refunds, etc., needed faster turnaround times. To reduce TAT and provide faster transaction processing a 24x6 coverage was also required.

Cost-effective Subscription Management

The client was looking for a significant saving in their subscription management and fulfillment. The majority of the work was being done on-shore on client premises.

Scalability & Flexibility and 24x7 operations

The client's business volume experienced periodic seasonal peaks and needed the scalability and flexibility in having additional or fewer resources to map the business requirements. This wasn't proving easy internally.


Suma Soft put in place a scalable Subscription Management team consisting of experienced associates with extensive training on order management. The flexible staffing plan was tailored to meet the seasonal peaks with buffer cross-trained staff who were always available to meet any peak-load or seasonal load. The process-focused and quality systems implemented at Suma Soft resulted in meeting client SLAs for quick turnaround time and quality. Additionally, we provided a flexible staffing model to meet business goals.
The following critical business processes implemented for the client
Subscription Order Management

This included new orders and renewals of subscriptions. Furthermore, we handled cancellations and modifications to the existing subscriptions and updated the subscription period and the premiums associated with the orders. Subscriptions were managed for various titles of clients and of other Publishers.

Exception Handling

It is critical as it deals with subscribers' money. The payments received in the form of checks from the US and Canadian subscribers were processed with accuracy. These values reflected against the orders and enabled the agents to take necessary action for the paid subscriptions.

Check Processing

Certain orders or requests that do not follow the standard norm needed special handling. These requests were routed to the Exception queue. The request was understood and analyzed by the team in detail. Based on the analysis, appropriate actions were taken to process the request.


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