API and Functional Testing Services

Suma Soft's API and Functional Testing Services Enhanced SLAs Turnaround Time and Quality of A Prominent IT Company Based In Germany

Client’s Background

Our client is one of the top IT consulting firms in Germany that provides IT services to companies from the USA, Germany, Italy. The client's featuring product is a solution to complex business queries. The product is developed for companies that manufacture heating, industrial boilers, and refrigeration systems.

It is a Web Application that involves a graphical representation of business reports. Some of the reports are annual profit calculations, most selling products, product sales with their parts, user management, summarized reporting, etc. Company portfolio explorer workbench will show the graphical representation with numbers, and the thickness of edges represents the product has multiple parts and relationship between the data. Overview workbench shows the graphical representation of data which is helpful for decision making.

Project Requirements

Our client was engaged in developing a product for a US-based boiler manufacturer. The end customer collects data in different formats, but the ideology was not formatted on how the analysis, monitoring, reporting could be done based on the data. The data were collected to analyze the revenue decreased in a specific area, why there is a loss with a specifically manufactured product with raw material and the possibilities that sales and production will increase.

Our client needed testing experts to crack the product and report the bugs to meet the end customer's requirements. Integration of the different modules required testing to see if data is flowing correctly in other modules. They also needed a reliable partner who can help them with end-to-end manual testing of the product and perform performance testing to check the product's behavior with a concurrent number of users.

Manual testing challenges


Our expert team of testers performed Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Regression Testing, and System Testing. We set up a systematic QA process and tested the entire product for different customers, and reported issues/ suggested improvements. We also initiated a practice of QA documentation. Frequent changes in requirement specification had been recorded in the change request document, which the product owner approved, and then changes in the tickets were made accordingly. If the changes were minor, then they were discussed in PBI(tickets) comments.

Manual Testing Performed 
Business Outcome

Suma Soft's thorough testing approach, process, and quality systems implemented resulted in meeting client's SLAs for turn-around time and quality.

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