Visual and Functional Aspect Query

Suma Soft Resolves Visual and Functional Aspect Query for a US-based Technology Firm Who Focused on Providing Hardware, Software, and Call-center Support Services Crucial for Parking Facilities.

Client’s Background

Our client is a well-known technology firm based in the USA which provides the hardware, software, and call center service support necessary for parking facilities.

Project Requirements

The automation in parking facilities continues to evolve as an increasing number of cities struggle with trac congestion and inadequate parking availability. The loopholes in the current manual system were impacting the client's business. 15% of “help” calls were caused by an equipment failure, whereas 85% of “help” calls were due to human intervention. The app could only help manage overcrowded situations in parking spaces and help users from losing precious time and money

An automated parking system app with simplified UI could minimize human intervention. And hence the client consulted us to get the visual and functional aspects of the app simplified.


Our IT team undertook the task of complete enhancement and maintenance of the ASP. NET app. Our team designed a module which helps

The existing app lacked video calling. We enhanced the app with video calling and recording feature.

The app was built using Javascript which faced issues of interpretability as Javascripts are interpreted differently by different browsers. Our team at Suma Soft leveraged the domain knowledge and experience to migrate the existing application from JavaScript to TypeScript smoothly.
We simplified the dashboard filtering and integrated a facility map to pinpoint the location of Parking Gate.

Our team undertook the task of gate vend monitoring. Issues relating to an invalid ticket at the entry gate, payment issues were closely monitored and instantly reported to the 24*7 CSR support team of the client thus, simplifying the process of issue tracking and resolving.

The ASP. NET app provides real-time mapping of available parking zones in a particular area.
It is possible to reserve, control and manage parking slots via remote access which helps you to be free from the hassles of parking.
The app has an easy to use dashboards. It allows you to use filters to show parking spots that meet your preferences.
The app helps you navigate directly to the desired/ reserved parking lot in less time.
The upgraded version of the app facilitates in-depth reports regarding the number of issues resolved or handled that can be generated monthly. The upgraded app helps improve efficiency in parking facilities.

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