Security Risk & Management Solutions

Suma Soft Provides Advanced Security Risk & Management Solutions for Cloud-based Platform made by India’s Leading HR Consulting Firm.

Client’s Background

The client is India’s top HR consulting firms providing payroll outsourcing services and end-to-end employee life cycle management solutions to organizations through a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS-based platform). The client has pioneered e-filing of IT returns in the year 2002 for the Department of Income Tax in India and the usage of the SAAS + Service platforms for HR purpose. It became the first and only service provider in the country to oer online, semi-online & oine services to the corporates and corporate-salaried individuals for their personal Income Tax & Finance related issues.

Project Requirements

With a rapidly-growing customer base, the client was concerned about the associated security threats to their cloud-based platform. The main concern was about the highly-vulnerable medium of web applications that might be subjected to high-profile web-based attacks like Injection, Buer Overflow, Session Hijacking, Denial of Service and Data Loss through malware. The threat of security attacks to the client’s cloud-based platform was growing rapidly and this led to diculties in figuring out the combating strategies.

Primary Security Needs


Suma Soft designed and developed an Information Security Program for securing the cloud-based platform as well as implementing best practices for information security.

Suma Soft initiated with penetration testing of the cloud-based platform and identified key vulnerabilities in the online platform, based on OWASP Top 10 criteria. Recommendations were provided on the identified vulnerabilities that the software development team resolved and the platform was retested to ensure closure of all identified issues.

Business Outcome

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