Account Payable Solutions

Suma Soft Provided Accounts Payable Solutions to a Leading US-based Supply Chain Management Provider

Client’s Background

The client is a US-based technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management service provider who delivered on a proprietary technology platform and serving its customers' transportation and logistics needs. The client has more than 22,700 enterprise customers across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, construction, consumer products, and retail.

The client uses a proprietary technology platform to compile freight & logistics data from its network of 24,000 motor, rail, and air freight transportation providers. The client offers services in various transportation modes, including truckload, less-than-truckload, small parcel, inter-modal, domestic air, expedited, and international transportation services.

Project Requirements

The client required a cost-effective and efficient 24x7 Accounts Payable team. Each transaction required all associated documents to be collected within stringent timelines. For all the completed transactions, the carriers need to be timely paid; customers need to be billed on time, and any discrepancies needed to be quickly resolved.

For this, the client was looking for an efficient AP team that can handle fluctuating volumes with additional capacity during peak periods and holiday seasons. This required that the staffing model has to meet the client's expectations.


Suma Soft placed a processing team with coverage of 24x7. The team consisted of processing associates with extensive training on the client's processing requirements. The staffing plan was tailored to meet seasonal as well as weekly peaks.

Based on the business process requirements, the team worked in the day or night shifts. Suma Soft provided the client with an efficient staffing model where all document collections management work was done during the client's night hours, making the whole process more efficient with improved TAT.

The process-focus and quality systems implemented at Suma Soft resulted in meeting the client's SLAs for turnaround time and quality.

The Business Outcome :- The offshore Documentation & Accounts Payable delivery team achieved the required efficiency and cost-effective results for the client. Over the past ten years of services, the team has grown 200% percent to take on the additional workload and has been instrumental in reducing cost by over 50%.

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