Remote IT and Help Desk Support

Suma Soft Offered Customized 24*7 Remote IT and Help Desk Support to A Leading IT Service Company Based in the USA

Client’s Background

Our customer is a leading IT services company based in the US that provides many IT applications and add-ons.

Project Requirements

The customer was looking for an inbound technical support help desk / remote IT support center that caters to their end customers' technical queries and issues in the US & Asia Pacific region.

Finding a skilled technical Support Staff that is proficient in a variety of tools and technologies was a significant concern for a client. The client was also concerned about a provider who can meet their need for 24x7 support to accommodate customers in the USA and the Asia Pacific regions.

Not surprisingly, the client’s in-house resources were bogged down with queries that should have been handled over phone and email. And unfortunately, that left internal IT staff with little time for higher-value projects, growth, and product development activities.


Suma Soft was engaged with the client as they searched for a new IT help desk outsourcing partner with the maturity, sophistication, and experience to support its accelerated global growth and high service quality expectations.

From the beginning, Suma Soft’s help desk support team brought its consultative approach to help the organization identify key gaps within existing systems and processes. These gaps needed to be addressed to build a best-in-class customer support platform. Some of Suma Soft’s tasks included:

Targeted Staffing

We staffed the technical helpdesk with an experienced team who had worked on similar projects and had a broad knowledge of the client’s similar platform(s).


The support staff were further trained on specific solutions and quickly offered our clients to respond to service desk inquiries.

Office 365 Migration services delivered from physical to virtual migration

After assessing the client's current scenario, SumaSoft’s team successfully implemented an Office 365 migration and a move to virtualized, private cloud infrastructure. The private cloud platform utilizes storage IO acceleration, fusion IO and high performance 10g fabric, giving the confidence that any application would run on the environment, regardless of its demand for input/output per second (IOPS).

AD Migration

Active Directory environment was Internationally distributed and needed integration of the environment into one common Active Directory. Suma Soft’s IT support team supported the migration of Active Directory's domains and forests of the client's various companies and divisions in more than one region.

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