Automotive Industrial Solution

Helped a leading Industrial Automation company outmanoeuvre data breach uncertainty.

Client’s Background

The client is one of the leading Industrial Automation companies with a presence in various cities across the country. They have expertise in multiple fields, including factory automation, integration of special machines & production lines. The firm provides necessary engineering & value-added services to implement automation solutions and has installations in various sectors, including Automotive, Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Aerospace & others.

Project Requirements

The client’s IT security had loopholes owing to which they faced the threat of sensitive and critical company data leakage. Many employees exit in recent years and a few of which belonged to the senior management. The management suspected that some of the ex-employees who had access to confidential information continued to use or exchange it with outside resources.

The client was losing their business, and their reputation was at stake since they were business partners of various global companies. This leads to critical issues such as the possibility of unauthorized access to data by ex-employees, the threat of losing confidential information with outside agents, loss of business relationships due to inefficient data security, and adverse effect on global reputation amongst partners, peers, and competition.

The client wanted to identify the root cause of this perceived data leakage/theft and spot the culprits, if any, responsible for this. This required a thorough assessment of internal IT controls and practices to be carried out and a digital forensics investigation on suspected systems and, thereafter, submission of appropriate digital evidence for taking further action.


To tackle the cyber security and forensics imprint, we conducted a thorough assessment of internal IT controls as well as an advanced digital forensic investigation of suspected systems. To ascertain improved IT security, we initiated

Business Outcome

Upon completing the analysis, the client was presented with a comprehensive report and action plan for the future. This helped the leading Industrial Automation client :

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