Security & Forensic Solution

Suma Soft Helped A Leading Industrial Automation Company with Security & Forensic Solution to Protect Their Business Confidential Information

Client’s Background

The client is one of the leading Industrial Automation companies having a presence in various cities across the country. The client has a long experience and solid track record in various fields covering factory automation, integration of special machines & production lines. They provide the necessary engineering & value-added services to implement the automation solutions and have several renowned partners from Europe & the USA for automation components. They have successfully installed automation solutions in various sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Aerospace & others.

Project Requirements

Our client felt that their business confidential information within the organization is getting leaked to external entities. There have been many employee exits in the recent past years, few of them even at senior levels in the organization, and the management suspected that some of the ex-employees who had access to business confidential information have either taken the confidential information along with them or they can still access the same.

The client was not only losing the business but their reputation was also at stake since they were business partners to some fortune companies. Thus, the client was looking for a solid Security & Forensics Solution provider who can do a thorough assessment of internal IT controls and perform digital forensics investigations on suspected systems and submit appropriate digital evidence for taking further action.


Being the leading security & forensic solution provider, we at Suma Soft started with a thorough Information Security Review to identify the gap in the current IT infrastructure & practices carried out by the client IT team. Various areas were taken into consideration like review and implementation of IT Policies, Email Server and configured Active Directory, and Proxy Server, Firewall & VPN set up along with rule sets and policies for remote access, access to portable devices including laptops, USB drive/disks, internet access policy and collection and analysis of logs from various devices.

Based on the inputs gathered from this review, we further carried out a forensics analysis on some of the suspected machines. We captured RAM and Hard Disk images of some of the suspected systems and subjected them to forensic analysis for analyzing email, chat, and web histories for user activity and communications, detecting data exfiltration traces via the internet & USB, checking system activity for unauthorized logins/sessions, performing a keyword search for checking traces of confidential or restricted information stored/hidden on the system in an unauthorized manner. On completion of work, we submitted our detailed report to the client management for taking appropriate action.

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