How Network Monitoring Outsourcing makes a lot of sense in IT tasks?

Network Monitoring Outsourcing is a secured, easy-to-use and real-time web-based solution that explains the identified issues on an organizational and technical level. This service will help monitor your IT Network and servers 24×7, ensuring that all of your essential business systems are operational and functioning correctly.

Why Network Monitoring Outsourcing is the need of the hour?

Today, there is no business or company that does not use a computer or does not have a website. Be it retail, finance, manufacturing, banking or technology, you would need an IT system for the functioning of your day to day business. However, even if you have the best IT system, there are times when you may face technical problems. Be it a small or big problem, it can bring your work to a standstill. Hence, to ensure that the network runs smoothly, you need to consult a network monitoring outsourcing services provider .While you can opt to hire an in-house network engineer, this may be expensive. On the other hand, hiring a company that provides network monitoring outsourcing services would be a better option for several reasons.

Recent Stats on Network Monitoring

34% of companies with 11+ network monitoring tools experience several network-related outages per day. But only 6% of companies with 1 to 3 tools experience multiple network outages a day.
18% of organizations with 1 to 3 tools say they “almost never” experience network-related outages. Another 21% experience a network outage just “once or twice a year.” If there’s a bright spot in this data, is that 60% of organizations with more than 11 tools are actively trying to consolidate their toolset. (Source:Auvik)

Why Outsource Server & Network Monitoring Services?

Network monitoring outsourcing have developed an approach whereby you can get all of the benefits of an in-house team, whilst enjoying the cost advantages of using an outsourcing location. Outsourcing can even employ the staff on your behalf, dealing with all recruitment and office costs, whilst you may retain the direct day-to-day managerial responsibilities.

What are the major advantages of Network Monitoring Outsourcing ?

Minimize Downtime
Downtime is a huge threat to businesses. It could lead to a severe loss of revenue and your customers may lose trust in the services you provide. When your network goes down, your employees lose access to all of their data including emails and software they use to perform their jobs.Customers will be unable to contact you and you will not be able to meet their expectations. To evaluate the performance of systems,this service helps monitor the servers and makes sure operational efficiency is achieved. Thus, downtime is reduced.
Save Time & Increase Efficiency
Network monitoring outsourcing helps save time and reduce expenditure so that organizations can put their valuable resources elsewhere instead of manual tracking. All monitored computers in a network become visible in a single central console which provides real-time information they need in just a few clicks of a mouse and saves IT administrators weeks of intensive work. By using this service, teams can share potential problems to address issues, resulting in better efficiencies and improved accuracy related to your website, bandwidth, backups, or CPU
Reduced Cost
Hardware, software, staff, and maintenance all take a lot of capital and investment. There are many costs that arise from running your IT systems. With Network Monitoring Outsourcing , you eliminate expenses required for resources and the sturdy infrastructural set up.
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