9 Challenges faced while moving your Business to Cloud

Owing to the increasing benefits that Cloud App Development Services offer, many organizations are opting for custom cloud application development. According to the 2016 IDG Enterprise cloud Computing Survey, 70% of the organizations in the US have adopted cloud technology, while 16% of organizations are planning to implement the technology in the coming year.
Many Companies face challenges while moving their business to Cloud.It is important to understand these challenges before adopting Cloud Technology.

Top 9 Challenges That Your Organization May Face While Moving Its Business To Cloud

Technical Expertise Shortage
Many companies lack the Technical Expertise that are needed for transferring existing system to cloud & this serves as a major set back.It is important to choose the right Cloud Service Model which is suitable for your business.If your company lacks the technical expertise needed for Cloud Migration, outsourcing it to another service provider is a better option.
Time Factor
The data transition process requires time.Considering the time factor, many companies postpone their decision of moving their business to Cloud.
Business Goals & Objectives
There are a variety of reasons why a company considers moving Business to cloud.Some of these reasons include cost saving, improved data security, improving network performance, digital transformation, etc.It is important to understand these reasons before opting for data Migration services.
This is one of the most important challenges that an organization may face while opting for Cloud App Development Services. People may require a certain time to adopt & adapt to the changes. Large companies require a longer time to complete the cloud Adoption process.
Data Loss Concerns
Companies are concerned about the loss of data during the migration process, as loss of any such data can have a major setback to their revenue and brand image.
Integration Complexity
The data in the organisation must be analyzed & stored across different platforms so that it can be accessed easily from anywhere.Many a times companies are anxious regarding the complexity involved in Data Integration.Legacy Systems Integration is also a challenge for many companies
Costs & uncertainty of ROI
Usually, it is seen that companies face difficulties in estimating the cost required for migrating data to Cloud.The uncertainty of ROI is another important challenge that needs to overcome with proper planning.
Before opting for any major change it is important to consider the existing infrastructure capabilities, failing to do that may act as an obstacle in moving your Business to Cloud.
Security Concerns
Many organizations are unsure regarding the security factors and prefer to keep the data on local servers.This acts as a big challenge while moving your Business to Cloud.

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