Security testing services – 3 types of attack you need to be aware of

IT Risk & Security
Security testing services offer a comprehensive array of security testing solutions to detect and positively confirm vulnerabilities so that you can spend your time effectively eliminating threats and not them.
Security testing services include 7 main types: vulnerability scanning, security scanning, penetration testing, security auditing, risk assessments, posture assessment and ethical hacking. It ensures companies with threat free systems.

According to HPE Cyber Risk Report 2016 , 72% of web apps have at least one encapsulation flaw.

According to HT-Bridge, 95% of vulnerabilities residing in mobile application code are not easily exploitable and do not pose a major risk.

98% of web interfaces and administrative panels of IoT devices have fundamental security problems.

Cyber security community says Cyber attack costs to hit 6 trillion by 2021.

Following are the most common forms of security attacks which are resolved by Security Testing Services

Malwares are malicious softwares. Malware contains unique traits and characteristics. Virus and Worm are the most common type of malware. Ransomware is the new type of malware designed to infect a user’s system and encrypt the data. On May 2017, ransomware named WannaCry affected more than 200,000 computers around the Globe (150 countries). All industries are consulting security testing services to protect their systems from WannaCry.
Denial of Service (DoS)

It is an event that occurs when a hacker takes action that prevents authorized users from accessing targeted computer systems, devices or other network resources. According to DDoS attacks, DDoS attack volumes have increased by 380% since last year, according to Nexusguard statistics, based on 16,600 attacks. 51% of attacks lasted less than 90 minutes, 4% exceeded 1440 minutes.

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