Network Security Monitoring – Way to minimize Security risks!

Network Security Monitoring includes the collection, analysis, and alerts that help detect and respond to security threats in your business networks. It detects advanced threats by discovering irregularity in protocols, apps, and file transfers. Remote Monitoring Services Network Security will help us in this.

Future of Network Security Monitoring (NSM) and Remote Monitoring Services

According to MarketsandMarkets Research, the NSM market is estimated to reach USD 22.8 billion by 2024.
NSM covers Threat detection, Cloud web security, Email security, etc. In Network Security Monitoring, Web Applications are integrated with security monitoring, and external threat intelligence is applied without any extra effort.
As per ESG’s report, 91% of organizations plan to increase their investment in Network Security Monitoring over the next two years.
42% respondents say they use NSM for hunting suspicious behavior.
35% use network security monitoring for detecting security breaches.

Here Are The Top 4 Benefits Offered By Network Security Monitoring Services

Security Expertise
NSM providers employ network experts with specialized skills in all areas of IT. The expertise required for running an in-house network security monitoring team would be very costly for most organizations. Hence lean organizations are moving towards outsourced network security monitoring options.
24×7 Support

NSM service providers provide resources round-the-clock. This requires multiple skillful resources that can be scaled as per your business requirements. It is difficult to fulfill support requirements in-house, and it is much easier to outsource such services.

Access to Updated Tools
NSM providers use the latest tools & techniques to perform security checks. These service providers have updated technologies that alert enterprises when attacks are underway, providing accurate and timely details.
Budget Friendly
By outsourcing NSM to a reliable company, enterprises can save on costs of hiring an entire team, the latest technologies, infrastructure, and most important of all, costs of network security damage. Outsourcing network security monitoring gives access to highly skilled staff at a competitive cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing NSM to Suma Soft

Suma Soft has delivered 500+ projects in NSM services with 24×7 Support Team working round the clock.