How Test Automation Plays Important Role in Functional Testing?

Throughout the Software Development and Application building software life cycle, most of the times it is observed that the crucial part i.e. Software testing is being given lesser importance. Criticality of Software testing is understated as is the importance of the privacy breach or bug attacks. Any losses big or small have the potential to damage the business and brand image in a severe way which can cause customer migration. Hence, it is often recommended to test often. In the whole process of the Testing, Automated Functional Testing has its specific applications and implications. Let’s understand the importance of Automation in Functional Testing.

What is Automation Test?

Test Automation is a technique that automates the testing process using scripts and suitable software. Further, when the scripts are ready, they are used to execute the test cases automatically to improve the overall test coverage and efficiency. Automation Testing is great for larger projects that require the testing over and again or the projects which have undergone manual testing before.

How Does Automation play an important role in doing functional testing?

-Improves Turn around time, quality, and stability of position.
-Enables performing comprehensive, end-to-end functional tests leading to robust development of the project.
-Increased probability of error-free product.
-Ease of use
-Enhanced speed is experienced during automation Testing

Aspects Significant For Test Automation for Functional Testing

1.Building up a team with an appropriate skill set

The final success of the test automation lies in the skill set the team posses. One needs the right amount of skillset and expertise in the subject to drive the project successfully.

2.Selection of Best in Industry Tools for Test Automation

It is an imperative step to select most updated and suitable tools to ensure the success of your test automation strategy which gives ease of use, automation speed, technology support, reusability, and maintainability, should specifically support DevOps, cross-platform support, etc.

3.Selection of Right cases to Automate

Right test cases for automation testing are the business-critical test cases, as these should pass in every aspect. But somehow, other test cases are those that are executed repeatedly and are too tedious to execute manually, and the ones that are time-consuming.

4.Set up of the correct test environment

Another step which is mandatory is to set up a conducive test environment which is as similar as possible to the production environment — including the hardware and software configuration.

5.Maintain the test suite

The automation test scripts need to be modified at times or also new scripts are to be added, as and when new functionalities are added to the application. To improve the effectiveness of automation, the test suite must be regularly upgraded and updated and must be easy to maintain.

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