Pre- Admission Patient Access Documentation

When it comes to pre-admission patient access, easy and efficient document indexing is key to streamlining the patient experience. Healthcare organizations must be able to quickly and easily access medical information that is necessary to ensure the patient’s health and safety.

Pre-admission patient access is a process of bookmarking and indexing documents such as appointment information, pathology reports, radiology records and lab reports. This information must be easily accessible to healthcare providers in order to provide the best possible patient care. To do this, healthcare organizations must have efficient document indexing capabilities that allow for quick retrieval and availability of patient data.

An easy and efficient document indexing process can help healthcare organizations by allowing staff to quickly locate and access the necessary patient’s medical information. This can help physicians make decisions effectively and quickly, allowing them to provide better and more timely care. Additionally, efficient document indexing can reduce the amount of time it takes to triage patients, which can help reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction.

How effectively Suma Soft is handling the Pre-admission Patient Access Document Indexing?

We at Suma Soft understand the importance of quick and easy availability of Patient’s pre-admissions healthcare information. Our team of Patient Access Analysts are proficient in indexing of various documents such as Pathology Reports, Radiology records, Lab Reports, Clinical Notes from PCP, Cardiology report, Diagnosis details, etc.

Our professionals also have great knowledge and proficiency in working on the leading CRM systems, such as Oncore, Cerner, Soarian, Change Healthcare and Trace.