Healthcare Information Management (HIM) – An important aspect of the Healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry has been revolutionized in recent years with the introduction of healthcare information management (HIM). HIM is a comprehensive system of electronic health records, which includes patient data, medical records, billing information, lab reports and other related information. This system plays an important role in improving the quality of healthcare, allowing healthcare providers to better track patient care, manage patient records, and also helps in improving the services provided to the patient.
HIM helps to streamline the process of patient care and allows healthcare providers to access patient records quickly and accurately. The system can also be used to improve communication between healthcare providers, assisting them to easily share information and collaborate to provide better care.
HIM can also be used to improve medical coding and billing accuracy. This can reduce errors, improve accuracy, and increase the efficiency of the healthcare system. This can lead to better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs as well.
The Role of HIM Professionals – Healthcare information management (HIM) is a specialized field that is essential for the efficient and secure operation of medical facilities. HIM professionals are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, privacy, and security of patient health information. They also play an important role in managing the health information system of a facility. The key benefits of HIM include improved patient safety and quality of care, increased efficiency and cost savings, and better coordination of care.

We at Suma Soft’s provides safe, secured, high quality and cost-effective HIM Services

Suma Soft HIM experts have proficiency in working on HIM functions to assist our clients in turning around any requests received by this department within specific amount of time with highest accuracy.
Below HIM functions are handled by Suma Soft expert team,
  • Indexing of the documents such as lab reports, medical reports, PCP authorizations, clinical notes, referral documents etc. to respective buckets for specific patients.
  • The outside entities or other departments of the hospital may ask for specific information regarding some patients. HIM department needs to validate the identity of the requestor and if the requestor is authorized, necessary information or documents are shared.