7 points to check before using a BPO Provider for BFSI & NBFC company in India

In today’s highly competitive and regulated business environment, the BFSI & NBFC sector is looking for new low-risk financial services. Financial institutions such as, banking companies and loan providers want to reduce operational costs so that they can focus on innovation and other core functional activities. While outsourcing their credit and loan processing services they want to look for a reputed BPO partner that can help them retain customer loyalty.

Here are the 7 Points to look for before using a BPO provider for BFSI and NBFC company in India?

Suma Soft’s BPO services for BFSI and NBFC sector provide Loan Servicing, Loan Underwriting, Post-Closing Audit Services, Financial Accounting Services and Accounts Payable Processing. Suma Soft has over 20 years of experience in partnering with leading Banks, Home loans and Automotive loan companies. An ISO 27001 and 9001 certification company that gives paramount importance to security, accuracy and quality while delivering BPO support services.