Automation Testing Services To Ensure The Quality Of Software

Use of Automated Testing Tools like selenium webdriver,Appium etc.

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Automation Testing Services

What is Automation Testing Services?

Automation Testing Services is a technique used by testers where test cases are executed using automation testing tools available in the market. Automation Testing is preferred to reduce the repetitive tasks. It is usually executed in scenarios where time is a major constraint or it is difficult to execute manual testing. Automation Testing services are crucial for continuous improvement and delivery. In Automation testing, several tests can run simultaneously across app, browser, or OS. The time taken to conduct Automation testing is significantly low when compared to that required for Manual testing.

The testers from Suma Soft have hands-on experience providing Automation Testing services for leading players from E-commerce, Retail, Banking and Finance, Travel, and  Healthcare industry. Our testers develop and execute test automation through various tools such as Selenium, Apache. JMeter, WAPT, and Load UI and others. Testers are involved at every stage of software development to ensure adherence of test coverage. We analyze and validating the results generated by automated testing.

Automation Testing Services Procedure Followed By Suma Soft’s Testers
  • Analysis of client’s requirements
  • Creation of Test Automation Framework
  • Framing an execution Plan
  • Writing Scripts
  • Actual Execution
  • Reporting
Benefits Of Automation Testing Services
  • Automation Testing services provide faster detection of Bugs. Issues that require more focus can be grouped priority -wise.
  • As compared to Manual testing, Automation testing services are more cost-efficient.
  • In Automation testing, tests can be reused on different versions of the software.

Automation Testing Services Provided By Suma Soft Include

Web Browser Automation


Web Browser Automation testing involves browser-based regression tests. Different types of cross-browser UI tests are conducted. We make use of Selenium – a Web Browser Automation tool to check the functionality of Web browsers. Web aspects such as CSS validation, HTML or XHTML validation, Ajax and Jquery functionality are tested.

Mobile Automation Testing


Our Mobile Automation Testing services help improve the quality of mobile applications. We execute Automation testing of native and hybrid applications for Android and iOS platform. Tests included in Mobile Automation Testing are functional, system, integration, usability and consistency tests.

API Testing


The rise in cloud applications and interconnect platforms are contributing to the need for API Testing. The API testing services from Suma Soft helps evaluate the functionality, performance, reliability of various API and its components. Our API Testing services support JSON, text , XML, and other formats.

Case Studies

Suma Soft’s QA team resolves a US-based software solution provider’s concerns with the help of Postman and Java thus allowing them to recognize and detect errors ahead of time.

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A well-established apparel firm is benefited by Suma Soft’s automation testing team. Therefore providing a bug-free PLM system.

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Suma Soft provided advanced Testing Solutions to a leading US-based product development firm with an easy-to-use, thoroughly tested and fully functional product.

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Suma Soft provided end-to-end Testing Solution for a SaaS product developed by an Indian IT Firm for a Japan-based client creating a smooth and quick functionality.

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