Functional Testing Services

Automated Functional Testing for Improved Quality & Seamless User Experience

Suma Soft provides automated Functional testing Services that ensure the verification & validation of applications for global enterprises. Our software Functional testing Services center around testing applications against predefined specifications and meeting the end-user acceptance for seamless and vigorous functionality.

With deep experience in testing open source & commercial automation tools like Selenium, we have also adopted a functional testing approach that harnesses proven industry-standard testing tools, strategies, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies.

Our analytics-driven regression testing approach has been used by numerous clients across various industries and ensures that new features or enhancements don't cause any unintended impact on the existing quality of the application.

Our functional testing experts have broad experience in conducting testing in multiple application lifecycle models, including agile, DevOps, waterfall, iterative, etc.

All test services are customized to fit the client's lifecycle model and environment to offer seamless integration with the teams for new and legacy applications.

Furthermore, our testing experts are trained to utilize industry-standard functional testing methods to perform optimized testing while ensuring functional coverage.

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Suma Soft's Functional Testing Services

Module Testing

We use this testing to test the elements of various modules of an application before releasing them to ensure proper functioning. This test procedure can help in determining the performance of the function as it is expected to do.

Regression Testing

Using regression testing, QA experts know if there are any variations in performance- whether it is about changes in code configuration or optimization. It ensures smooth operations of the application even after interfacing and modifying with other software.

System Testing

System testing empowers us to use the application as any user would. Using this service, our QA team verifies the functionality of the entire system and conducts a thorough evaluation to check the compliance with the predefined requirements.

Exploratory Testing

We perform exploratory testing services alongside predefined and script-based testing activities to get deep insights into the App's functional behavior.

Usability Testing

We offer usability testing services to ensure the versatility of your application. We consider human factors to find whether the software is easy to use, smooth to operate, and simple to understand under any specific conditions.

Integration Testing

Our dedicated testers carry out this test to decide how each module can perform in an integrated environment. Moreover, the test reveals the flaws when the system is operating with different inputs and checks the behavior as a combined unit.

Unit Testing

Our QA experts perform unit testing on the individual modules, including unit, function, class, and object of your application to ensure its smooth functioning. This permits us to identify drawbacks in the project and find bugs in the early stages of development.

Smoke Testing

Our quality engineers test the preliminary functions of the software to check whether they can perform the functions as expected. This test helps in deciding if the minute-level tests are required for the application.

Key to Our Functional Testing Services

Wide Experience
A team of test engineers with mature analytical knowledge, skills, and broad testing experience will be assigned to your project.

Professional Testers
Our testers are skilled in verifying the functionality of software products related to different fields, in particular, technology and communications.

Measured by Merit
Many clients who use our QA services and software testing services are reputable enterprises.

Extensive Testing Lab
We have an extensive software testing lab that includes different instruments and devices.

Close Control
Our experts verify each function of the application separately prior to performing functional testing of the whole system.

How Do We Approach The Project?

Our QA engineers and analysts understand your requirements and associated challenges.

Analysis and Planning
We pick up the most appropriate tools, ideate, and prototype your App’s features and functionalities.

Test Case Design
Our team makes sure that your application gets the best-in-the-industry UI/UX look.

Test Data Selection
We not only maintain data from existing sources but also generate a massive amount of test data to ensure quality adds to product delivery.

Test Execution
Our QA specialists execute more high-level, exploratory tests in less time utilizing various automated tools such as Selenium, Appium, and many more to keep the app bug-free.

Test Closure
After the application goes live, the QA team gives a detailed analysis of the bugs removed, along with the errors-found report.

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