QA Processing Services

Suma Soft’s QA Processing Services for one of Pune’s Software Providers.

Client’s Background

The client is one of the midsized software companies based out of Pune providing project-based as well as product-based services to both Indian and overseas clients.

Project Requirements

The client’s business reputation is directly impacted due to the quality of software delivered in the market. Several quality factors such as cost, features, timely delivery, and such others influence the quality of the software. To achieve the desired quality, a proper Testing process that involes quality assurance as well as quality control needs to be followed. The client did not have any such Testing processes in practice. This in turn affected the quality of the software.

Business Areas of Concern


Suma Soft designed, developed and deployed a QA process. After analyzing that about 60-70% of all the bugs are related to validation, we introduced a ‘Validation Checklist’ for the developers that helped reduce validation errors. This reduced testing and bug-fixing time. There was no unit testing performed, so with strong unit and smoke testing criterion the build-acceptance criterion was fixed. Suma Soft performed rigorous functional testing using dierent tools. Bug-reporting format was fixed and strictly followed which made bug tracking easy. Along with this, strict and timely reporting was followed.

  • 1

    Set Processes

  • 2

    Introduced Automation Testing

  • 3

    Thorough review at every stage of the project

  • 4

    Weekly client meeting with developers

Business Outcome

Suma Soft’s Testing services enabled the client to focus on business growth and less worry about the quality. It has offered immense scalability and flexibility to the client. 

Business Needs Addressed by Suma Soft

The Quality Process Provided By Suma Soft Helped The Client With

  • 1

    Delivering software with high-quality

  • 2

    Improved Customer satisfaction rate

  • 3

    Improved tracking of Quality, Time & Cost

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