Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support for a Leading E-commerce Company based in China

Client’s Background

Founded in 2014, our client is a leading E-commerce company based in China that provides fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products with the best offers and discounts. Our client's E-commerce website is serving customers from all across the globe.

Project Requirements

The growing interest of global customers in online shopping is overwhelming. Thus, developing strong customer support to serve customers worldwide for various issues on the different products was becoming the biggest challenge.

Hence, the client was finding it difficult to tap into the growing business opportunities due to limited customer support resources.

They needed an online customer support center to handle the product and services-related queries raised by their customers across the globe. The majority of these customers were from India. So, our client was looking for a system that supports global customers in a timely and economical manner. The idea was to implement live chat on their site for selling products and guiding the customers through the billing process.


We had put into practice our vast domain knowledge and experience that we have acquired earlier. Our customer support staff also received training on domain/business knowledge from the client. The client explained to us their products, services, application, and policies in detail. Our solution was three-pronged:

We assigned an experience online customer support team with effective communication and writing skills. This team had a broad knowledge of handling retail customers.

The support staff was further trained on the specific policies and SOP’s shared by our customers so that they could respond to inquiries confidently and solve problems in a speedy manner.

After a brainstorming planning session, our team came up with the functionally categorized staffing needs and roles.

Business Outcome

After the successful installation of our live chat support system, our client experienced apparent growth

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