End-to-End Testing Solution

Suma Soft's End-to-end Testing Solution for a Saas Product Developed by an Indian IT Firm for a Japan-based Client

Client’s Background

The client is one of the top IT consulting firms in India providing IT services to a company from Japan. They required a SAAS based Accounting product made specifically for Chartered Accountants (CA) and CA Firms based out of Japan.

About the Product:

Project Requirements

With the advancing technologies, Accounting softwares have become a complex compilation of large number of modules and data integration. In particular, in any finance software application, the data extends over a number of pages. Also, finance application development and testing come with tight deadlines and require strict compliance with financial regulatory requirements of any particular country. Slightest of the mistakes within the software framework can alter major business profits. Since the product being developed was very complex and strictly in Japanese, the client faced a huge challenge of getting it thoroughly tested for any development and testing errors.

Business Areas of Concerns
Manual Testing Challenges:
Automation Testing Challenges:


Suma Soft put in place a skilled testing team with manual as well as automation testing experience. We hired a Japanese translator for liasoning with the client team and understanding their exact requirements. Regular calls with Specification team were set to understand the application thoroughly. The detailed methodology of testing adopted at Suma Soft included....

(A) Manual Testing:
  • 1

    Thorough understanding of Specifications

  • 2

    Proper scheduling of work

  • 3

    Continuous R&D

  • 4

    Meetings with Specification team to understand changes

  • 5

    Scheduling releases

(B) Automation Testing:
  • 1

    Selection of appropriate Automation tool

  • 2

    Continuous R&D on challenges

  • 3

    Finding out root cause of the problems

  • 4

    Discussion with Specifications and Development team

Business Outcome

Suma Soft’s thorough process-led testing approach, along with quality systems implemented, resulted in meeting the client’s SLAs for better turn-around time and quality.

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