Smart Warehouse Management Applications

Suma Soft Provided A Leading Voice-enabled Workflow Solution With Smart Warehouse Management Applications To Gain Deep Insights Into All Business Levels

Client’s Background

Our client is the industry leader in offering voice-enabled workflow solutions. They are laser-focused on helping their partners achieve excellent performance in distribution centers of any size. With a team that is unparalleled for excellence, innovation, creativity, and 24/7 support, they offer a trusted solution in voice-picking technology and systems for the world's most powerful warehouses.

Project Requirements

The client is solely focused on helping end customers achieve real outcomes and peak performance for smart technology in distribution centers of any size. With the right synchronization of people, processes, and technology, the client was looking to build four innovative mobile applications as mentioned below for optimized fulfillment operations:


As a leading mobile application development company, we assign a team of mobile app developers to understand the client’s requirements thoroughly. Our team of mobile developers worked with the client’s team to achieve their goal of providing warehouse managers and employees a more flexible workspace where they can fulfill orders faster, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

We developed some remarkable smartphone voice-directed solutions that are smaller and lighter than traditional warehouse products. The voice logistic and warehouse solution development includes

Voice-enabled App

AI-based text to voice and voice to text application to expedite workflows. This mobile application was built on React Native platform. It accurately identifies goods at any level, be it item, pallet, or container. Barcode scanner, audio recording, and customized command features were added along with voice recognition to generate unparalleled results.

Item Tracker App

This application was developed to track inventory items across multiple locations. Customized notification, real-time tracking, automatically generated SKUs, and categories were included with voice recognition to help client track their inventory with just a few clicks.

Asset Tracking App

This application was developed on a React Native platform to help the client manage their assets smoothly and efficiently. Integration of Barcode, RFID, GPS, and Mobile Technology was used to improve Control over Assets. This app can also provide real-time insights on critical parameters like run hours, speed, asset location, etc.

Food Pantry Application

This is an Android application for collecting details about end customers of a “food bank” where people collect food from a charity. The app takes “client Id” as input and searches the database to find a match and fetch food charity details.


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