Video Conferencing Application

Suma Soft helps singapore based software product company with software testing of their video conferencing application.

Client’s Background

The client is a leading innovator in bringing forth the “Digital Experience to Life” for every household, office, and smartphone user. They are a Singapore-based organization with a strong market presence in Asian Countries and build digital products for the masses and enterprises to accelerate a connected world vision.

Project Requirements

Our client’s inspiring product offered a great video experience for differently-abled people. They wanted to know different language availability, the performance of their application on different network speeds, multiple devices, and significant audience experience.

Furthermore, the client wanted to learn if it’s in line with the current market demand for Live and Virtual Webinars and Events that invite Global audiences. These challenges needed an experienced team to test multiple scenarios while adopting an innovative automation process to make the client product market-ready.


After gaging the numerous test scenarios, it was critical to adopt an Automation and Performance testing solution for better analysis and faster project delivery while ensuring high standards and ease of access for the differently-abled audience. Audio and Video quality was paramount to provide a better conferencing experience for all the users. Thus, we at Suma Soft deployed a dedicated and experienced team to ensure all aspects of testing the application were covered in the shortest time frame. Mapping the multiple test case scenarios and nearly 500 different test variants, we set an SLA of 10 days to complete the project.

To achieve the desired outcome. We conducted the following tests

Business Outcome

The client can now successfully run over 100 parallel meetings at a time. An error-free audit submission that showcased the highest level of audio and video standards met. They have a deep insight into their application's performance, adaptability, and scalability, which maps their business growth. They are now market-ready to compete with some of the biggest global brands while being the only player who brought this application to the differently-abled users.

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