Service Now

Suma Soft Helped a Leading IT Company with End-to-End ServiceNow Consulting and Implementation to Improve response rate

Client’s Background

Our customer is a well-reputed brand for providing quality customer service.

Project Requirements

The client’s existing ITSM application was underutilized with older versions, and there was a deficiency in the effectiveness of service management processes. Further, a lack of automation and self-service capabilities was resulting in excessive IT spend.

The client was looking for a reliable IT ServiceNow partner to streamline their IT processes with minimum Turn-around-time and deliver a better customer satisfaction rate.

They were also looking to


As a leading ServiceNow company in India, we have developed solutions to help businesses stay ahead for customer satisfaction and proposed the clients implement the ITSM, Virtual Agent and Service Portal as per their business processes. We understood the client's ServiceNow Tower Go-live dates and saved millions of dollars in cost penalties to incumbent suppliers to retain their services in case of delay.

We adopted an agile model, and our ServiceNow team helped the client go through the upgrade process. We analyzed the existing ServiceNow environment, ITSM applications, hardware and software assets, CMDB and discovery, Service Catalog, and integrations and their approach to achieving the business needs.


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