Home Automation System

Crafted a Coherent mobile application for managing all IoT devices with reduced time to market by 40%.

Client’s Background

The client was a leading IoT solution provider for various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation with more focus on Home Automation.

Project Requirements

The client was looking for a well-experienced and reliable development and testing partner to build Home Automation Systems. They were interested in designing a solution for smarter homes by connecting appliances to enable the best user experience and safety alerts.

Additionally, the IoT-based solution should be able to control various home appliances like Lighting equipment, Kitchen equipment, HVAC equipment, etc., from a mobile application


After a thorough understanding of the client's requirements, our experts at Suma Soft proposed a low-cost, secure, highly scalable, and reliable IoT solution.

Depending upon use cases, our experts designed the system for maximum possible output. Different technology was used for each layer of the solution. The teams with different skills like Embedded, Network, Data analysis, software development, and software testing were involved in delivering a high-quality solution. Our primary focus was to provide quality outputs, so we set an IoT testing lab for checking positive and negative scenarios. Moreover, we used simulation tools for datasets and adopted interactive approaches wherever required.

Some of The Test Scenarios Were

Business Outcome

Based on our proven testing methods, we helped clients achieve their end goal of controlling and managing all IoT devices from the mobile applications using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. With our system design and test approach,

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