Testing Performance

Testing Performance of App with 100k Concurrent Users? Suma Soft Has Done It.

Who We Are

Suma Soft is a global IT and BPM Solutions provider serving global markets for over 20 years with high-end industry-specific technology, process, and analytics-enabled solutions.

Who Is The client

Our client is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions. Furthermore, they offer talent solutions, helping their customers achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance through people's performance. The client's Assessment Solutions is leading globally in the design and implementation of innovative online tests, questionnaires, and gamified assessments for recruitment, selection, and development, delivering 30 million assessments each year in nearly 90 countries and 40 languages.

What Was The Challenge?

The quick adaptation of new technologies in the E-learning industry has presented both challenges and opportunities for the client. One of the biggest challenges for the client was to test if an existing mission-critical system infrastructure supports nearly 100k concurrent users without affecting the performance. Their existing platform wasn’t stable enough to handle such a large number of concurrent users with high performance and the capacity was also an unknown risk as the system didn’t contain any solid, well-framed methodology for predicting system behavior and performance under real-time stress. Thus, they were facing the following crucial challenges:

Solution Provided

The client was most concerned about scalability, performance, and functionality under high loads, as well as the assurance of complete data privacy. Being the leading performance testing service provider, we gave the shortest timeline to the client and put the well-experienced focused team of developers and testers (QA) for the client's project. Our team of performance engineering experts analyzed core elements to ensure that the system's performance would meet or exceed the client's goals and business requirements immediately.

Our comprehensive consulting service aligned perfectly with the client's SDLC to identify their key business processes and requirements, understand their business and infrastructure, and assist in configuring a performance testing that precisely simulates the production environment.

Our Jmeter experts created scripts and used features in such a way to produce consistent, measurable, and repeatable load tests. These tests and scenarios were designed to mirror the client's live production environment, business patterns, user loads, and throughput, including projections for future growth when applicable. We included performance tuning recommendations, designed to improve response times and avoid resource bottlenecks. Furthermore, we design Performance Unit Tests after a thorough analysis of the application under development. Used JMeter, MS Excel, Cloudwatch monitoring tool, and AWS EC2 instances to generate concurrent users in the test environment.

Business Outcome

Benchmarking helped our client to conduct tests for 60k-100k concurrent users and enable them to win a government tender for online examination. Furthermore, our proven testing strategies helped them to bring the application up to the mark with the guidelines.

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