Improve the Customer Experience of iOS Application

Suma Soft Helped a Leading Augmented Reality Company Improve the Customer Experience of Their iOS Application

Client’s Background

Our client is based in New York, USA. They are offering a geolocative photo/video sharing app that allows pictures to be placed and viewed in the exact location they were captured. Their patented Human Positioning System (TM) allows for markerless Augmented Reality to be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Project Requirements

While thousands of photos were being clicked via the mobile app, the client was making a whole new way to share memories. However, maintaining the relationship of the entities was difficult for the client. Moreover, they were also looking to make the admin interface as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Thus, the client was looking for an experienced mobile app development partner along with Augmented Reality and geolocation expertise to help them solve the challenges.


Being the leading mobile app development company, Suma Soft helped the client achieve their desired Augmented Reality-based iOS app goals. When delivering the top-notch app solution to the client, our main concern was to make sure that it takes little to no time for users to share real-time images/videos and help them optimize their platform. Everything had to be clean, concise, and by no means confusing.

We integrated different plugins and executed SQL queries as simple and optimized as possible to achieve desired outcomes. With the help of our experienced developers, we provided an admin interface that is easy to customize, implemented good security standards, and none to fewer performance concerns for future scale-out.

Tools/Platform Used: Python Django, PostgreSQL

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