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SUMA BPM has extensive experience in supporting our Apparel E-Commerce clients in their end-to-end operations. We offer Front-Office as well as Back-Office Support on the below-listed functions of E-Commerce Life Cycle processes.

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Apart from above BPM functions, we have deployed an advanced reporting and order entry Software for E-Commerce Industry that offers following facilities.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management is a demanding job and revenue cycle realization depends heavily on proficiency in procurement management. In E-Commerce space, there are professional Procurement Management Companies who have special expertise in handling this function effectively. Based on historical data and estimates of sale in forthcoming seasons, Sales teams comes up with a projection / estimate of quantity of garments for upcoming season. Once projections are received, following activities are performed by Operations Management team.

Preparation of Purchase Order for Fabric Purchase

Based on projection of quality of garments, a purchase order for purchase of fabric is prepared by Operations team using standard measurements provided by the client. This purchase order is submitted to Fabric Manufacturer and tracked for completion.

Design of Garments

Designs approved by Designers are confirmed and are submitted to Manufacturer for creation of sample garments before mass production.

Quality Check on Sample Garments

On completion of production of sample garments, they are shipped to Designers for their Quality Check and Approval. On receipt of Approval, a final Purchase Order is submitted to Garment Manufacturer.

Shipment of Fabric to Manufacturer

 Once the order for fabric manufacturing is completed, it is ordered to be shipped to Garment Manufacturer and this shipment is tracked for timely delivery.

SUMA Soft is one of the experienced procurement outsourcing service providers who can assist you in realizing the potential of E-Commerce by efficiently assisting you in Procurement functions.

Order Management

Order management starts when a customer or Sales Rep places an order in order management systems and ends once they receive their package. Our Back-office Support team providing end to end production and order management support. Following activities are performed by our Operations Management team for Order Management.

Accepting Sales Orders

Based on availability of inventory for specific garments, Operations Team accepts and inputs the order to ERP System such as Apparel Magic. If inventory is not sufficient, team reaches back to customer / sales rep with necessary information. Order confirmation is sent to Customers / Sales Reps.

Issue of Pick Tickets

Ahead of the delivery date of orders, Pick Tickets are issued to the warehouse team so that dispatch of garments happens on a timely basis.


Based on Payment terms agreed, Invoices are prepared and issued to customers/sales reps.

Return Processing

Return Authorization is issued for the return of garments. Returned garments are inputted back to inventory or discarded as damaged based on the condition of the garments received. Based on the type of customers, a Credit Memo or Refund is issued for returned orders.

With SUMA Soft’s order management services, you can be rest assured that you will never experience any Short Shipments due to incorrect order bookings and can be assured of customer delight due to timely tracking and shipments of orders. 

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Order Processing

Our team has expertise in handling E-Commerce order processing using EDI systems like RMS-EDI, Commerce HUB, EC Catalogue, Web Business (Shopify and Amazon), etc. Following activities are performed by the operations team within the EDI environment.

Creation of Product Catalog in EDI

Description, Color, Size, Item numbers, Case Pack, Inventory is updated

Inventory Update

Sending “On Hand” inventory levels to the retailer on the 846 document

Import of Order details from EDI

850A and 850B reports are exported from EDI to be inputted to ERP system

Change Summary

Keeping track of change summary using 860A and 860B

Fulfillment Status

Form 855 is issued to customer about Fulfillment of Order

UCC Labels

Creation and Issue of UCC Labels

Updating of Shipment Information

Issue of 856 ASN and 810 Invoice

Inventory Management

It is important for E-Commerce companies to keep a track of moving good and inventory to avoid wastage and loss of revenue due to unrealized orders.
Operations team performs following activities under Inventory Management Function.

Accounts Receivable Services

The Accounts Receivable team is responsible for Accounting functions for E-Commerce clients. They perform the following activities.

Co-ordination with Warehouse

In order to ensure timely delivery of garments to customers based on the expected delivery window, the operations team needs to work closely with Warehouse Team. In this regard, the operations team performs the following activities.

Advanced Order Entry and Reporting Tool

We have developed an advanced order entry and reporting software for E-Commerce Industry that offers e-commerce integration services across varied platforms.

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