Legacy Application Maintenance

Programmatic Support, Extend, and Maintenance for Your Legacy Applications

Deploy skilled professionals from Suma Soft to use their expertise to stabilize your legacy applications, optimize provided services and improve application support. Our legacy application maintenance and support services include expansion and/or modification of application functionality, debugging, and creating supplementary features.

With over two decades of experience in application development and maintenance, we have enlisted highly qualified professionals who provide predictable outcomes and a high, consistent level of service quality for your legacy applications. We offer a unique approach that simultaneously modernizes applications and optimizes maintenance efforts and costs. This approach reduces the total cost of ownership, offers near-immediate responses to business needs, and rationalizes and modernizes an enterprise’s application portfolio.

Adopt an advanced approach inclusive of on-call production support, proactive maintenance, enhancements, bug-fixing, user support, and training with Suma Soft’s experts.

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Our Application Maintenance and Support Services

Application Maintenance

Use portfolio-based strategies pertaining to technology, information planning, and services by taking your unique business objectives, methods, and applications into consideration.

Performance Monitoring

Ensure high-accessibility and higher performance of your applications by addressing issues relevant to your maintenance and monitoring, solving bottlenecks, and proactive consideration of customer feedback.

Application Improvement

Scale-up/down your server settings to ensure optimum performance of your software through application improvements.

Application Re-engineering

Defeat the challenges faced by programmers and maintenance engineers when it comes to serving legacy applications.

Product Maintenance and support services

Core/Base product maintenance & enhancements along with product Customization & Implementation support and Enhancements.

Application Support

Rectify issues and locate vulnerabilities before occurrence. Thus, ensuring reliable delivery of value and adding to organizational efficiency with customized application support services modules.

Our Application Maintenance and Support Services

  • Level 1
    Cover basic support and troubleshooting. Monitor system availability and performance. Perform back-office activities as end-user communication and password reset.
  • Level 2
    Configure servers, enlist DevOps services, deploy monitoring teams, and move IT infrastructure to the cloud to restore the system immediately.
  • Level 3
    Fix crucial technical issues like fixing bugs, code reviews, feature implementation, performance audits, and other source-code-related changes.

Our Inclusive Application Maintenance and Support

Benefits of Suma Soft’s Application Maintenance Services

Our Process

Immediate Support & Stabilization
Once provided the source code we can get to work on addressing any critical problems and implement fixes to get things stabilized.  Starting from it, we can support your staff when issues arise.

System & Process Evaluation
Once the critical concerns are addressed, we provide reliable support services and make your system stable. We can assess the entire application to see how it is addressing your organization’s business model.  We will collaborate with your staff to learn their workflow, learn how they use the system in its current state, identify their obstacles and listen to their suggestions and wish list.  We will likewise evaluate the suitability of the development platform as well as its long-term support options.

After this evaluation, we will present our feedbacks regarding the system that includes some minor tweaks or a multi-phase upgrade to improve the efficiency, address the changing business model, and migrate to a more suitable and modern platform.

Development & Roll Out
Our developers will start the process of improving the system and address the needs while maintaining the stability of the system and minimizing disruptions for day-to-day operation.

Ongoing Support
Before and after development and roll-out, we are here to continue to support the application, and when the needs arise, we’ll continue to modify the application to improve efficiency, address changes in business or workflow, or implement newer technologies to improve the user experience.

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