Single Sign-on Solution

Simple, Secure and Stress-free Login Experience With Single Sign-on Solution

Making the user experience enjoyable is one of the essential components in the uptake and acknowledgment of applications and new systems. However, this must not cost your organization's security. Single Sign-on Solution from Suma Soft furnishes users with a simple and consistent login experience for any and every application, regardless of whether it's on-premises or cloud-based.

When combined with SAML-based federated identity, Suma Soft can be leveraged to offer a wide range of flexible Single Sign-on Solution alternatives to manage user authenticated access to both local applications as well as cloud-based providers, such as Google or Salesforce.

By partnering with Suma Soft, you can support exceptional login experiences with single sign-on (SSO) to your applications and services for any identity type. Regardless of whether you manage applications, or your users need access to and from a variety of devices, Suma Soft's SSO solution provides seamless user experiences with the highest level of security.

Let your team focus on work instead of trying to remember passwords!

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Benefits of Suma Soft's Single Sign-on Solution

Single Identity Customizability

One identity to access on-prem and cloud applications. Tailored experiences for every user.

Improved End-User Experience

Improved UX with transparent security and broad enablement. Switching between all applications, cloud, or on-prem is seamless and simple.

Reduced Administrative Cost

Fewer IT help desk calls means a more effective team and increased capacity for more crucial issues.

Suma Soft's Single Sign-on Solution

SSO Application Dashboard

Attractive, easy to use, and responsive application dashboard on any device. It offers high usability for all user functions including 1-click Adaptive Multifactor Authentication(MFA) access and single organization login.

Standards-Based Federation Server

Supporting all major identity protocols means Suma Soft’s Cloud SSO and Identity Federation Solution offers seamless recognition, insignificant delays, and flawless, uninterrupted service.

Active Directory Integration

Suma Soft’s lightweight authentication utility and Microsoft’s own integrated Windows Authentication facilitate smooth validation of Windows domain users.

Social Login

Suma Soft’s social integration solution implies that your users can log in utilizing their existing social media authentication methods, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Suma Soft’s expansive support for federation standards and a huge library of connectors make integrating with your existing systems easy.

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