Cloud App Development Services

Accelerate Your App Delivery Cycle and Reduce Time-to-Market with Custom Cloud Applications

With Cloud App Development Services, businesses can build applications that are technically and architecturally adapted to being easily hosted and maintained by the cloud infrastructure. Additionally, exploit the capabilities and services offered by PaaS (platform-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) providers.

We at Suma Soft help enterprises securely move work to the Cloud Application Services, quickly modernize and integrate applications, and derive the fullest advantages that cloud technologies bring to the front. Our dedicated Cloud App Development Services experts assist organizations with developing and sustaining competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive marketplace and maintaining high performance.

Whether you want to build a turnkey live streaming SaaS system that can handle up to 10,000 concurrent connections or quickly integrate with AWS— our highly experienced specialists will deliver cloud projects of any complexity.

Let us build your cloud software from scratch, effortlessly migrate your system to the cloud, and monitor and maintain it around the clock with our Cloud App Development Services.

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Our Cloud Expertise

Building Cloud-Based Apps from the Ground Up

Get advantage of our years of experience in cloud development to build microservices-powered cloud applications. We effectively combine the strengths of public, private, and hybrid clouds to make your future solution secure, adaptable, and 100% reliable. Fully control your data, quickly expand infrastructure with essential cloud services, enjoy predictable SLAs, and notably reduce operational costs.

Migrating Your Solution to the Cloud

Let our exceptionally talented cloud application development professionals migrate your existing system to the cloud — to make the most of its unparalleled scalability, resources, and infrastructure flexibility. Quickly respond to market changes by getting additional storage space and computational power in a matter of seconds, not days. Cloud migration empowers on-the-fly scaling, load balancing, cross-platform availability, and dramatic TCO optimization.

Integrating with Major Cloud Services

Years of close partnership with industry leaders perfected our integration expertise around AWS, Azure, and other major IaaS and PaaS solutions. Engage with us to connect your software to first-tier cloud services and benefit from the cutting-edge reliability and robustness they offer. Use virtually unlimited cloud computing resources and powerful applications to perform your most demanding operations quickly, at a lower cost.

Suma Soft's Valuable Offerings Under Cloud Application Development

Cloud Consulting Services and Application Development
We offer end-to-end Cloud Consulting Services and Custom Cloud Application Development Services for SMEs, startups, and large-scale enterprises. Our cloud application developers evaluate your business requirements and work persistently to formulate viable cloud implementation strategies. We make sure that your cloud-enabled applications boost enterprise benefits such as flexibility and agility at reduced costs.

Cloud Architecture Services
Our cloud architects analyze the current infrastructure and architect or re-designed your system to help you choose the right cloud platform to deliver high performance, data sensitiveness, industry compliance standards, and futuristic solutions.

Cloud Integration Services
Our end-to-end Custom Cloud Application Development Services include performance optimization utilizing custom cloud integrations. We empower our clients to take advantage of economies of scale through Cloud data, modules, and application integration services. We add value to your IT management system with the following integrations:

SaaS Application Integration
Offering SaaS integration services for Microsoft, Salesforce, Kaltura SaaS, and many more.

PaaS Application Integration
Giving PaaS integration services such as MongoDB cloud, AWS machine learning, Azure ML, and so forth.

Cloud Migration Services
Our end-to-end approach establishes a scalable IT environment for your organization and handles cloud migration complexities. We make risk-free migrations from on-premise to cloud environment and cloud to cloud. We support complex migration, minimize downtime with live capture, and increment data sync to make sure there are no lock-in issues and thus decrease time and investment costs.

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