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Client’s Background

The customer is one of the most innovative companies in live video streaming services. Organizations and software developers worldwide use their live interactive streaming services to create & relay live, Ultra-Low-Latency Live Streaming (ULL) videos. However, the client had issues while monitoring the infrastructure that is being hosted across the three prime regions. They were looking for a partner who can provide extended support in terms of proactive monitoring of the server infrastructure & troubleshoot Tier I & Tier II requests from end customers.


The client strongly believes in offering true interactive live streaming so that their customers can engage their audience. However, they were facing the following challenges:

For Non Critical Instances The Recommended Actions Which Are Being Practiced:

  1. Priority wise process kill & obtaining restart
  2. Identify the content which consumes the space & delete or backup at the other locations
  3. Push command to check availability of the total space & compress files or deletion of unnecessary files

Thresholds Of The Attributes Are Configured As Per The Requirement Of The Customer. There Are Other Complex Alert Types Which Are Dealt According To The Sop. To Mention Few Of Them As:

Tier I
Tier II


The tools which are being used at our end are ICINGA, GRAFANA & Mattermost. Redmine is also a tool being used as a ticketing platform.

Important attributes which are captured under the ticketing tools are:

Based on the severity of the services; cofigured alerts are categorised into critical & non critical types. Actions are recommended accordingly. Some of the common practises are:


Being one of the leading development and support services companies, we at Suma Soft quickly understood client's requirements and offered the following full-scale solution so that they can provide uninterrupted services to their end client.

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