Unstructured Data

Unleash the Power of Unstructured Data

Studies show that 80% of data within the enterprise is unstructured. To gain actionable insights, organizations require confidence in the underlying data and the methods utilized to add structure to that data. At Suma Soft, we have helped hundreds of clients handle the acquisition, processing, and indexing of unstructured data, enabling better search, analytics, and insight discovery. We bring deep expertise in search and unstructured content to deliver a full range of services, helping you acquire and derive insights from unstructured and semi-structured data.

Our experts discuss the latest trends and best practices for using AI-powered search and analytics to unlock more insights and achieve the best outcomes. Furthermore, we help you reduce your costs for delivering rich media on a global scale.

Whether you need to feed RPA tools, analytics engines, provide more rapid insight for business decisions/intelligence, eliminate manual workflows, or bring new innovations to market, we've been there before and have the extensive experience you need to do amazing work.

Suma Soft's Unstructured Data Expertise

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Data Preparation

Data formatting, cleansing, enrichment, and indexing for search and analytics

Data Quality

Data quality analysis for personalized search relevancy and analytics

Data Acquisition

Harmonization of data from various enterprise sources

Text Processing

Text extraction, text mining, and text analytics

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Let us help you automatically process, classify, and extract relevant information from every business data source so that you can simulate human cognitive abilities.