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Outbound calling is a time sensitive function, and members who are required to call have to ensure it happens on time to achieve desired deliverables. In many cases, employees within organizational setup are juggling between multiple tasks and calling may not happen as planned. Professional Call centers help you achieve this due to their specialization in this domain. These Call centers deploy professionals with excellent communication skills, conversation manners and necessary geographic accent such as US / UK accent.

Logistics companies require their shipments to be tracked on a regular basis to keep customers informed. They deploy Track and Trace methodologies to achieve this. Mortgage companies need assistance in ordering third party documents such as title report, appraisal report, insurance verifications, mortgage verifications, etc. Healthcare companies require support in retrieval of Medical Records. Sales is a different skill and a skilled team of Outbound Sales Specialists can make a world of difference to your revenue.

Suma Soft offers Outbound Call Center Solutions to various industries such as Logistics, Finance Companies, Healthcare Organizations, Insurance companies, etc. The focus of our call center services is high flexibility, availability & scalability.

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Our Outbound Call Center Solution offers varied services such as

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All call center activities are operated by using our Feature-Rich cloud based in house call center telephony system which can be integrated with our clients CRM. The call center system provides all necessary reports that are required to run a call center efficiently. 

Being an ISO 27001:2013 Certified Organization, our highest emphasis is on Data Protection and Data Security while working with all the records and Systems of our esteemed clients. At the same time, being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, we ensure to adhere to highest standards of quality. If you are looking for partners to outsource Outbound Call Center services, SUMA SOFT can offer the best solution at affordable cost.

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