E Commerce Services for Retail

SUMA SOFT’s E-Commerce Services for Retail Industry

Electronic Commerce commonly referred to as E-Commerce is a buzz word in today’s world. Traditional shipping experience in a physical store has always been the preferred choice of buyers, however local COVID restrictions, availability of Global products via e-commerce platforms with capacity for same day or next day delivery has enabled e-commerce to grow significantly. E-Commerce companies utilize their scale to cut down on the cost of goods to a great extent. Recent trends adopted by E-Commerce companies allow shoppers to experience a greater flexibility to buy products by taking trials and offering customers penalty free return policy.

Statistics show that E-Commerce industry is poised to have a phenomenal growth of up to 15% to 25% on a year-on-year basis for next 5 years. This is a great news for every organization that currently deploys E-Commerce as their platform of sales or want to adopt to this platform soon.

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E-Commerce involves various stages of product lifecycle as follows

E Commerce Services for Retail

As these stages need to be monitored and managed efficiently and it makes it important to deploy experienced resources to take care of various stages.

At SUMA SOFT, our team of experienced E-Commerce professionals assist our clients in taking care of all these stages in a very efficient way thereby reducing shipment delays, short-shipped orders and thereby improving customer satisfaction. Our team has end-to-end exposure to E-Commerce activities associated with Garment, Retail and Electronics Industry.

We can bring in efficiencies that will enable you to focus on the customer and markets while we focus on your processes and provide best in class services at affordable cost.

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