WebApp & Website Security Audit services

Delivering webapp & website security audit services, Suma Soft aids all kinds of businesses in assessing the security of their software configuration and web environment. Apart from this, these also safeguard information that is available publicly as most cyber crimes are performed by internal employee or exploited by the information that are accessible for public users.

Suma Soft conducts website security audit services for USA through automatic scan and manual process. The security model that we follow to perform security audits are:

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OWASP top 10 and Software Assurance Maturity Model

This OWASP top 10 is a potential awareness document applicable for web application security. With the help of this document Suma Soft assures businesses that their web application does not contain any flaws. Utilizing software assurance maturity model Suma Soft assists organizations to formulate and implement tactics for software security that is customized to the specific risks.

Open Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSTMM)

This model helps organization verify information thoroughly, efficiently and accurately. OSTMM permits you to perform specific tests on diverse parts of your security framework, such as, firewall validation, IDS verification, password cracking and so on.

Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) guidelines

Our manual approach uses different techniques like White Box, Black Box and Grey Box security testing. Additionally, we also test business logic testing that checks prohibited activities like authentication bypass, privilege escalation, changing cart value, unauthorized access to restricted data, etc.

1. Collection of Information
Through app security auditing, we gather business’s basic information of the website, scope of business, employee status, organization architecture and others.

2. Social Engineering Attack
After gathering all possible information against our target we launch an attack called “Social Engineering Attack”. Social engineering is a Non-Technical attack or we can say A Lure attack. This attack will be performed on target employee and our organization man power, to see that how their internal assets are vulnerable to any further attacks.

3. Manual Penetration Test
We can’t rely or trust on automated scan results, that’s why we give strong attention to Manual Pentest. In this part our experts perform various attacks to find the all possible Vulnerabilities like performing business logic attack, Privilege Escalation, Authentication Bypass and other vulnerabilities as well.

4. Differentiate The False Positive Result
We believe in Zero False Positive Result. Therefore, after the automated and Manual Pentest we verify the result by reproducing the issue. According to the impact and ease of attack, we filter them into three levels, i.e., critical, high, medium and low vulnerabilities.

Suma Soft provides web app security audit services for businesses, starting with an automated scan of application followed by a manual penetration test on the basis of the result of the automated scan. Adhering to app security auditing guideline, at Suma Soft we cater to the following industry verticals:

Application security audit and information security testing is an integral procedure that businesses need to perform to maintain the confidentiality of online transactions. Through this service organization can develop security application and protocols that tighten the security of your network.

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