Suma Soft helps USA insurance firm to build their internal and customer experience portal with integration of IoT components.

Who Is The Client
Our client is Tech heavy vehicle insurance provider in the USA, providing IOT based game- changing insurance for fleet owners and trucking companies. Our client follows a focused approach to meet the needs of midsize to large fleet owners and trucking companies.

The Business Challenge
As a Tech insurance player it’s critical to have access to a high performance software development team with high end development skills. Getting this done on-shore is a huge challenge due to availability of manpower and cost. Additionally, there is a constant market requirement, product innovations and updates to the platform required to be done at speed. Client needed a high performance off-shore team that can quickly add required features in the platform and ensure the platform meets the market expectations. Lastly with their technology product in place they wanted analytical reports for quick decision making on insurance values to offer.

The Business Outcome
Our client was able to accomplish platform build out at 25% less cost and reduced time to market by over 30% resulting in a significant improvement in customer tractions and cash flow. The off-shore team is now a critical part of the client organizations and this team is being further expanded to add more capabilities such as QA automation to speed up the product roadmap. With prompt intelligence on the insurance value and truck life. The projected new customer base for our client if expected to rise 4X every quarter.