Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile App Development is the process of developing an individual software unit through specific platforms e.g. Android and iOS for mobile devices, intended to provide easier usage of mobile devices with unique features with multiple and varied functions.

A report compiled by Statistica suggests that mobile apps will generate near about 189 billion U.S. dollars revenue by the year 2020. Businesses all around the world no matter what industry they are in to have understood the gravity of having a mobile app. We at Suma Soft strive to provide the best-in-class mobile application development services using the latest tools, frameworks and pre-defined methodology. Our intense experience of working with major players and SMEs from diverse industries demonstrates the standards that we have set for mobile app development services.

We provide mobile application development services for the two most popular app stores namely Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store. When it comes to mobile application development services, our developers put themselves into customer’s shoes to understand every inch of requirements. We follow an agile methodology for mobile app development.

Our Mobile Application Development Services include:

  • Android App Development
    The Android App developers from Suma Soft are skilled with Java, C, C++ HTML, Android SDK, Android Studio and other tools related to Android. We build native and cross-platform apps using the power of Android. Our apps deliver astonishing user experience.
  • iOS App Development: We can help you built an iOS mobile app with an amazing UX/UI. Our iOS experts are well-versed with programing language Swift, Objective C and understand the requirements of the iOS platform and Apple’s App Store pretty well.
  • Native App Development: For businesses looking for more interactive and intuitive user experience, Native app development is a better option. Our developers have competency in building Native apps for Android and iOS platforms. The native apps are bound to deliver optimized performance for the chosen platform.
  • Hybrid/ Cross-Platform App Development: Cross-platform apps are extensively popular owing to the benefits it offers for businesses with limited budget and time. We deliver exceptional cross-platform apps using cross-platform frameworks Xamarin, React Native and Ionic.
  • Xamarin: Xamarin is a cross-platform framework that makes use of a single shared .NET code base for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • React Native: React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows to build real fast cross-platform app experience and has the capability to run at 60 frames per second.
  • Ionic: The Ionic framework is built on Javascript and Angular JS. It uses Cordova plugins to gain access to features such as GPS, flashlight, camera, and others.The Mobile Apps delivered by Suma Soft are loaded with features such as
    • Camera
    • Push Notifications (alert, sound, vibration)
    • Compass
    • Contacts
    • Files
    • QR/Barcode Scanner Integration
    • Social Platform Integration
    • Geolocation
    • Storage
    • Online Payment

    and many others.

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Cost-Efficient Service Range

We help companies with mobile application development services by delivering a wide range of cost-efficient solutions like Android App Development, iOS app development and business app development.

Extensible Infrastructure

Highly robust infrastructures help clients to target the IT & ITES segments and provide better business results by delivering flawless business mobile app. Cross industry knowledge of Suma Soft also aids user-friendly mobile application development services.

Combination of Technology and Expertise

Combining Suma Soft’s technical skills, work experience of years and innovative strategies we provide best mobile application development services and mobility software services for USA and India.

1. Our Team
We possess an in-house team of talented and skilled mobile developers who have proven expertise in developing cutting-edge Android,iPhone, iPad and other mobile apps. Following the standard mobile development practices our developers provide specific solutions.

2. Agile and Low-Risk Methodology
Suma Soft’s mobile application development services utilize an agile and low-risk mobile development methodology that ensures rapid results and 100% accuracy. We keep on updating the project status for you and welcome your feedback for optimal improvement of the mobile solution.

3. Optimal Quality
Our Android and iOS app development processes rely on continuous testing procedures that means software bugs are verified and fixed efficiently. We take care of thoroughly testing each release to maintain quality throughout the project.

Suma Soft offers high quality mobility services for India and USA focusing on business-critical features developed flawlessly. Promising you mobile application development within the specific time and budget constraints, we garner your trust and dependability. We look for expanding beyond the following industry sector:

With mobile technology getting the prime attention in today’s wireless world, the demands of mobile application development is on the rise. The main challenge that mobile application development faces is that to work on a wide range of platforms and devices that are introduced continuously. Suma Soft helps companies address such challenges with an expert team that has the ability to work on several platforms and devices and delivers bug free mobile software.

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