Expert SOC Services

SOC Services or Security Operations Center Services by SumaSoft have been catering to both b2b and b2c enterprises globally for 17+ years.Suma Soft’s superior security monitoring services include Superior security policies and checks.Integrated and cross-device security layers ​across platforms.

Here are some key features of SOC Services by SumaSoft

  • Delivered 500+ SOC Services Projects
  • 24×7 Security Operation Center Team Coverage
  • ISO27001 & ISO9001 Certified Procedures & Processes
  • Improve Downtime by 99.99%

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Advanced Security Monitoring

Detecting threats, vulnerabilities and malware at the earliest stage. With SOC network experts, you can ensure complete security of your enterprise.

Managed SOC

With 17+ years of experience in handling cyber security operations, we provide advanced technical skills and subject-matter expertise to mitigate security threats.

Comprehensive analytics

Our experts monitor the frequently changing threat scenario and analyze cross-platform threats to offer a wide range of IT security operations.

1. Best Monitoring of IT threat
Utilizing SIEM from NETMONASTERY, Suma Soft helps enterprises monitor and analyze every cyber activity happening within the network infrastructure.Thus, deployment and ongoing security is efficiently managed.

2. Customized Service
The comprehensive threat management platform understands your business environment and can be customized to address specific IT security related requirements of businesses.

3. End-to-end Threat Visibility
With NETMONASTERY’s security monitoring, Suma Soft helps you to achieve complete threat visibility, to take measurable action and protect your system from all kinds of software vulnerabilities and malicious activities.

Business Benefits of using Suma Soft’s Security Monitoring-as-a-Service

  • Large scale cost saving on infrastructure and manpower spending
  • Unified solution with 360 degree coverage on technologies
  • Monthly Pay-per-Use model with no strings attached
  • Instant roll-out of detection services
  • Accountability on attack notification

The industry we are catering to:

We believe that implementing a fully managed, unified SIEM solution will enhance Information Security Posture of the Data Center (DC) operations of your organization and will provide you with insights that can be leveraged in shaping the Cyber Risk Management posture.

The SIEM from NETMONASTERY provides an efficient solution to traditional log management tools and security event management for threat detection. SumaSoft provides NETMONASTERY’s CNAM that implements the SaaS model to deliver best security services to organizations at an affordable costs.

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