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SOC as a Service

Security Operation Center commonly referred as SOC is a centralized location from where an organization’s entire IT environment is monitored to help prevent, detect and mitigate cyber attacks. According to a Statista report the most commonly experienced cyber attacks are Malware, phishing and social engineering, web-based attacks, botnets, malicious codes, and denial of service (DOS). A well structured SOC service can help safeguard your digital assets from these cyber attacks

Suma Soft has a team of OSCP, OSWP, CEH certified SOC experts who can help strengthen your IT security architecture. We offer following services under SOC Service.

  • Penetration Testing – Threat identification, Source code analysis
  • Behavioral Monitoring – netflow analysis
  • Security Intelligence – log management, SIEM event correlation
  • Vulnerability Assessment – vulnerability monitoring,  active network scanning, continuous
  • Threat Haunting – Monitoring of IT environment, trapping the attacker to minimize end damage.
  • Incident Response Handling ( IRH) – network forensics, IP tracing
  • Threat Intelligence – Information gathering about potential attack sources

Our SOC services help businesses streamline cyber security operations. Security Operation Center (SOC ) analyzes networks, servers, databases, and other IT infrastructure on a 24*7 basis.

Benefits Of Our SOC Services

End-to-end Threat Visibility

Suma Soft helps you to achieve complete threat visibility, to take measurable action and protect your system from all kinds of software vulnerabilities and malicious activities.

Business Continuity

Quick alerts help you stay alerted and ensure the operational continuity of an organization.

Safeguarding Digital Assets

Our SOC services allow you to stay protective and proactive.

Case Studies

Suma Soft provided advanced security risk & management solutions for cloud-based platform made by India’s leading HR consulting firm. Our solutions helped improve the security posture.

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Security Risk Management - Suma Soft

Suma Soft conducted a thorough assessment of internal IT controls as well as an advanced digital forensic investigation of suspected systems to find the security gaps.

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Digital Forensic Investigation - Suma Soft

SOC Services | SOC as a Services - Suma Soft
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SOC Services | SOC as a Services - Suma Soft
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SOC as a Service from Suma Soft keep a track of every single network, server activity and provides instant alerts on same. Our SOC Services help strengthen your security posture. To get a customized quote, drop a mail to