Recorded Future – Real-time Threat Intelligence solution

Suma Soft has collaborated with the global real-time cyber threat intelligence provider Recorded Future to strengthen the cyber defense mechanism of organizations across the globe. Recorded Future provides real-time threat intelligence from the entire web so you proactively defend your business from the most critical cyber attacks. Threat Intelligence solution allows you to stay alerted and speeds up your vulnerability assessments with risk-based prioritization. If you are finding it difficult to keep pace with the ever-growing number of threats sources, our Threat Intelligence solution is ideal for you.

Recorded Future provides you details on potential threat sources, valuable data on targets and vulnerabilities. The integration of Suma Soft with Recorded Future enables you to rapidly analyze emerging threats by providing actionable insights into the entire threat landscape. Abnormal user behavior or suspicious activity is detected instantly and notifications are sent to the client. Along with this, we can also help you investigate unusual patterns from IPs, domains, hashes, malware, and vulnerabilities.

Features of Threat Intelligence Solution

Patented Web Intelligence Engine

Recorded Future leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing to detect and analyze natural language processing intelligence on emerging cyber threats tactics, and indicators of compromise. Data from open, deep, and dark web across all languages is analyzed to provide meaning insights.

Recorded Future Intel Cards

Intel cards make it easy for users to prioritize threats or dismiss non-events with included Recorded Future risk scores. Intel cards can be accessed with a single click via browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari.

Integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence for

Brand Monitoring

Your organizational data including compromised credentials, payment card information, customer information can be on the Radar of hackers. Brand monitoring allows you to monitor this vital information and helps you identify potential risks to your brand. Recorded Future provides real time alerts on threats like fake apps in mobile app stores or malicious hashtags or links.

Deep Dark Web Monitoring

The deep dark web is a blind spot where the hackers share exploits and TTP, plan and execute cyber attacks and transfer sensitive information. Deep dark Web monitoring solution creates links/ threads to track indicators of compromise from threat feeds or associate threat actors from various sources in every language.

Threat Hunting

It’s quite possible that organizations may be unaware that they are a victim of a cyberattack. It includes identifying and analyzing the threats vectors and the methodology used. It allows to trap the attackers and block them to avoid further damage to the IT assets. Recorded Future enables to produce more accurate threat intelligence at a faster pace.

Cyber Security Feeds

Faster threat detection helps minimize the end damage. Our Threat Intelligence Solution provides early warnings on emerging threats. Our efficient tool brings together more than 65 threat data streams with constant updating. These feeds are automatically analyzed by our solution to provide valuable insights.

Recorded Future – Real-time Threat Intelligence solution-Suma Soft
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Recorded Future – Real-time Threat Intelligence solution-Suma Soft
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