Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing services

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services by Suma Soft helps businesses identify potential risks to their web application and thereby conduct penetration testing to monitor and protect the computer system from malicious activities or attack of hackers.

In this digital world, cyber crime has terrorized businesses and CEOs . To detect these varying circumstances of threat, businesses need an efficient approach. While conducting vulnerability assessment, threat or risks are classified based on basis of security level like low, medium and high and exploit range such as local or remote.

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Planning & Information Gathering

A beginning meeting is held between the organization and the penetration testers where the scope and objective of the testing is discussed. Next step is to gather maximum information about the targeted systems, servers and networks.

Vulnerability Detection

Once the necessary information has been gathered about the targeted systems, servers and networks then the penetration testers have to determine the vulnerability that exists in each system. This is called manual vulnerability scanning as the detection of vulnerabilities is done manually.

Penetration Attempt

After determining the vulnerabilities that exists in the systems, servers & networks; the penetration testers have to identify appropriate targets for penetration attempt. The time and effort that need to be put in for the computers that have vulnerabilities required to be estimated accordingly.

Intricacies of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

The goal of vulnerability assessment is to attain a prioritized list of vulnerabilities in the environment so that remediation can occur. Here, the focus is breadth over depth. In penetration testing the goal is to determine whether a mature security measure can resist an intrusion attempt from an advanced attacker with a specific goal.

Clean-Up Process

The clean-up process is done to clear any mess that has been produced as a result of the penetration test. A detailed and exact list of all actions conducted during the penetration test must be kept. The cleaning up of compromised hosts must be done securely as it should not affect organization’s normal operation.

Analysis and Reporting

After conducting the above processes, the IT staff has to generate a report for the organization. The report should start with an overview of the penetration testing process done that is followed by an analysis and comments on critical vulnerabilities that exist in the network.

1. Identification and Addressing the Needs
With the help of penetration testing services and vulnerability detection SumaSoft enables clients to identify any potential security vulnerabilities present in an organization’s infrastructure. Alongside, we also help them develop plans to mitigate the weaknesses.

2. Identification of attacks and verification of Vulnerabilities
Suma Soft helps companies determine the degree of internal attacks and exposure to external attacks through penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. These provide evidence that verifies the possibility of exploiting the vulnerabilities found.

3. End-to-end vulnerability Knowledge-base
Suma Soft’s vulnerability detection assists organization to develop an accurate and up-to-date vulnerability knowledge-base. This also helps build comprehensive and user-friendly report that helps management as well as the technical team address the risk and maintain security compliance within the IT infrastructure.

Suma Soft provides vulnerability detection and penetration testing services to varied industry verticals that help in efficacious identification and analysis of IT risk and securely cleaning up of harmful data. Vulnerability assessments encompass careful diagnostic reviews of all servers and network devices will definitely identify more issues faster than a “black box” penetration test.

The industries that we are catering to:

Over the years business has transformed to a more service-oriented environment where securing web application has become vital. Many times it has been seen that IT companies face issues like usage of insecure access protocols, weak secure coding guidelines, weak passwords for firewalls and other exposed services. All such issues can be addressed through an effective security maintenance program. Suma Soft’s vulnerability detection and penetration testing services help businesses to safeguard their web application from the hackers and attackers.

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