Software Testing Services

Suma Soft’s testing practice provides a comprehensive suite of software testing services that span across consulting, functional testing and system’s load assessment. Backed by an extensive testing expertise, we offer expert software testing solutions that are aligned with the emerging trends of technology.

Our superior test process framework offers lead metrics and critical indicators that help us in making proactive decision. Thus, we deliver accurate software testing services to software testing companies in India and USA.

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Our Areas of Expertise

The core competency of testing professionals at Suma Soft lies in offering an array of testing services. This includes system testing, automation testing, manual testing, security testing, mobile application testing and performance testing.

User-friendly Life Cycle Screening

A partnership with Suma Soft assures consistent, secure and user-friendly life cycle screening of software product tested for both functional and non-functional requirements. Providing software testing services for desktop, client server, mobile application; we help businesses grow exponentially.

Quality Audit of tested Software

With software testing services like single instance testing, comprehensive software quality assurance to software testing functions; our test labs continuously help us deliver quality audit of organization’s tested and developed software along with the development team.

1. Achieve Cost-efficiency
We, at Suma Soft assist our clients achieve cost-efficiency while reducing software application errors at the early stages of SDLC(software development life cycle) rather than fixing defects during the implementation stage.

2. Increase Productivity
Software testing consulting by Suma Soft helps you inspect, determine, validate and verify the scalability, speed, stability, reliability and resource usage of software thereby increases your operational productivity.

3. Accelerate Software Release
Offering software testing services, we help software testing companies gain a sound strategy, matured methods and accurate execution of test cases to accelerate software release so that new application features and functionality can be rolled out faster.

Suma Soft helps enterprises improve product acceptance and customer satisfaction by delivering accurate functional test coverage and reducing feedback latency. With the help of our qualified and experienced test strategy planner, we make testing an easy affair for our clients. We use robust testing tools and methodologies to render 100% bug free software.

We look beyond the following industries to serve with software testing services:

Amidst the cut-throat competition in business, software testing companies need error-free delivery of applications and software products. Software testing aids businesses to pinpoint bugs in the software so that they can work on those areas and deliver user-friendly and flawless software. Suma Soft’s software testing services ensure validation and authentication of application to software testing companies so that they can release the product with complete confidence and gain customer satisfaction.

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