Outsource technical support

Outsource technical support services from Suma Soft are one stop solution for client organization’s technical support problems. We offer IT Help Desk, level 1 support, Remote Network monitoring, Network Monitoring, Application Software Support.

Outsource technical support is beneficial since these service providers perform tasks for different client organizations and has sufficient resources and expertise. It involves resolving queries for any software, application or equipment.

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Customer Sales and Support Services

Suma Soft’s customer sales and support services include

  • Payment support
  • Resolving billing issues
  • Order processing/provisioning

Technical Support Services (Level1 and Level 2)

Our level 1 and Level 2 services include:

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Online chat support

Managed Technical Support Services / NOC

We offer following managed technical support services to streamline your end-to-end customer support:

  • Network support
  • Remote network services
  • Remote server services

1. Cost optimization
Outsource technical support services to Suma Soft to get cost optimization and reduction in expenses on human resource and hardware.

2. Experienced and trained Team
Outsource technical support services to Suma Soft to achieve access to an experienced and trained technical team that includes level 1 and level 2 IT engineers.

3. Flexible Pricing Methodology
By following scalable pricing methodology we handle your simple and complex project requirements. We help organizations to focus on their core businesses.

We cater to varied national and international clients with our Technical Support Outsourcing services that drive benefits to clients’ internal and external customers. This brings reliability for trades of providing quality service. With a partnership driven approach, we ensure that our technical support consultants work closely with client teams to build a knowledge repository. Thereafter, this knowledge repository is applied to design innovative solutions for technical issues of following industry verticals:

Today’s CIOs and CTOs look for cost-effective and high level customer support facility for their end users. They face the challenge of delivering rich technical support services for USA & India without increasing their costs. In Suma Soft, we understand this particular business requirement. Adhering to flexible cost methodology, we endeavor to address cost related issues faced by CTOs.

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