Office 365 Consulting Services

Suma Soft transforms your business with one of the most powerful SaaS-Microsoft Office 365 which takes your business to another level of success:

  • Office 365 Consulting Managed IT Service
  • Office 365-Deployment & Migration
  • Office 365-Governance & Implementation
  • Power BI Consulting

Office 365 Consulting Managed IT Services

Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd. help you digitally transform your business by carving the right path with technologies and brilliant strategies.
Be a Cloud confident as now your IT team has Cloud pioneers for all the support and guidance. By integrating solutions like SaaS and Cloud we will help you achieve all the objectives and automate all the internal manual processes which were time consuming and heavy on pocket.

Suma Soft for Office 365 Managed IT Services

Technology waits for no one, it won’t for you either. Better to keep eyes and ears open. With better and smart IT strategies you can stay updated with the new trends in the market. Suma Soft’s simplified and sophisticated Managed Office 365 IT Services and consulting is for every size and type of business.

If your IT goals have not been achieved yet, then its time to change your current Managed Services Partner. Suma Soft will help your internal IT team find the gap and bring the technical points to the tables that made the plan fail.

Let us design the customized IT support plan along with your existing technical team and develop a roadmap that will only focus on future growth. What is gone is gone, and our experts are more than willing to give you an end-to-end complete IT Management consulting which will also include the strategies for successful long-run.

Deployment & Migration-Office 365 Consulting

Suma Soft caters Office 365 Consulting, deployment and migration services to every domain and covers every vertical of business. In more than 19 years, we have worked with every size of business, right from small firm to giant industry. Healthcare, Education/training, engineering, Food & Beverages, banking/insurance/finance are a few to name. Telecommunication, IT, automotive, etc are few other industries we have provided quality services.

Office 365 Governance Strategy & Implementation

Suma Soft develops and implements governance strategies across the Office 365 and the associated technologies such as, Microsoft Exchange, Business Skype, Project Server. We have received applauds for our services by the top notch clients for applying governance strategies to their existing system, by performing custom development, code promotion & application lifecycle management (ALM).

Governance is the key to business longevity and strong reputation in the market. Every organization is different. Suma Soft team understands that, hence, our strategies are designed keeping the organizational needs in mind. We set up a team, establish rules and define the roles and responsibilities that who will perform what and monitor the overall activity.

Our well-define strategies & procedures take the insight of the overall performance of the users and how they make perfect balance between the rules and roles by following the enterprise policy. Suma Soft has been working since more than 19 years and knows every business and its need from the core. We can tell what issues and risks may arise throughout the lifecycle and how to fix it.

Office 365 Power BI Consulting Services

Nothing has been as powerful as Power BI till date when it comes to its own game. Investing in the Power BI can change the existing business situation in a significant way. Power BI has the power to sort out any data, even the most critical one into visualization both on cloud and premise. You can create rich and interactive reports as well as live dashboard to get the real-time insight of the business.

With Power BI, gone are the days when reports were generated manually and doing it was tedious & time-consuming task. This tool solidifies business data across the entire systems, gives extensive view of customer experience and comprehensive view of other departments such as, inventory, finance, sales etc. Real-time dashboards, KPIs help to access the entire company data-you can monitor the health of the business anytime anywhere and extract new opportunities out of it.

  • Access to the free version until you are sure of its capabilities
  • Reports created with Power BI can be viewed across the platform and devices
  • Power BI is not limited to Microsoft products. It can extract data from anywhere, any source
  • You can easily share your data and reports with other colleagues within the system.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop functionality lets you create your own ad hoc reports.
  • Drill-down functionality gives great visualization to the data.
  • Get the personalized view of the critical business data and limit the view to the persons within the organization.
  • Refresh your data on a timely basis, be it, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Any system that allows iFrame, Power BI can embed to it.
  • Queries does not need to have code all the time, a simple sentences will do.
  • Over 200000 organizations across the world have adopted it, so should you.

Why Partner With Suma Soft?

  • A detailed and comprehensive Office 365 training and consulting.
  • Rich Dashboard creation & exceptional visualization from challenging applications.
  • Basic to most targeted report creation and sharing withing the organization, limiting the access and more.
  • More than 19 years in database designing, business intelligence analysis and Extract Transform and Load
  • 24/7 round the year service, even on holidays and weekends
  • 100% data confidentiality
  • Before and after training consulting service