Network Security Monitoring Services

Network security monitoring services are necessary a part of any network security monitoring program. No network security solution or software is impenetrable – attackers can eventually find out the most trickiest way to breach your business network.

Although a reliable network security monitoring services partner can alert you on a timely basis and help prevent such malicious activities.

Looking for a reliable & cost-effective Network Security Monitoring Services Partner? Suma Soft has delivered 100+ projects in network security monitoring services with 24×7 Support Team working round the clock.

Suma Soft’s superior Network Security Monitoring Solutions include:

  • Advanced protection against security threats
  • Real-time data feeds for proactive threat mitigation ​
  • Enhanced network application performance

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New-age Security Features

Detects malicious data breach to ensure negligible harm to your IT infrastructure.

Superior Network security Monitoring

Advanced network security software monitors every cyber activity to identify vulnerabilities.

End-to-end Protection

Complete Network Security Monitoring across your entire IT set-up to mark all assets safe.

  • Large scale cost saving on infrastructure and manpower
  • Unified solution with 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly pay-per-use model
  • Instant roll-out of detection services
  • Accountability on attack notification
  • All log / events data remain within the organization’s perimeter
  • Web Applications are integrated with security monitoring
  • External Threat Intelligence is applied without any extra effort
  • Centralized console for geographically distributed network
  • Detection of network worms, brute force attacks, malware correlating various logs and embedded NIDS
  • Embedded scan for running vulnerability scan
  • Generate 100+ reports
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