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MS-Stack development compromises of layered structures of different components or services that are used to develop software solutions with Microsoft’s range of applications including Dynamics CRM, .NET, CRM Dynamics 365, SharePoint development platform, Azure, etc. Our team of developers has worked on superior quality projects delivered timely across all applications. Being a licensed partner of Microsoft, we provide MS-Stack Development with all kinds of MS applications with professional results.

.NET (pronounced as dot net) is a framework that gives programming guidelines that are used to develop a wide range of applications i.e. web, mobile, Windows-based applications. Suma Soft ’s .Net Development Outsourcing services include Custom .NET development, Net migration, .Net eCommerce development, .NET Integration Services and many more. It makes the web application faster and simpler. Our expertise team has delivered numerous projects for big companies.

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We provide creative Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) service which is a multi-paradigm OOP language. It has evolved to meet an increasing need for easy web-services and web development.Our high-performing software development team has commendable experience in development and has delivered top-notch application development solutions for global companies.

With a wide experience, Suma Soft specializes in providing successful ASP.NET programming projects to clients across the globe at cost-effective rates. ASP. NET, is one of the popular software development frameworks used by developers. Our passionate team builds scalable, high standard web applications using well-known design patterns. We aim to give you top quality web application solutions.

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Suma Soft’s C# developers have extensive experience in C# development at varying levels. Our rich expertise in Microsoft C# web development has given us a competitive edge for C# clients. We provide end-to-end C# development services that help you address the challenges of your business. Our high-end C# development services include the creation of desktop apps, web-based apps, and web services by making use of the ultra-powerful C#.

Suma Soft brings Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services for your business which also offers upgradation and migration services of SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Our team of experts will guide you on how to keep control over business through centralized work flow as well as using advance visualization tools. Our SharePoint Consulting Services are designed to meet the client’s need and their business requirement. Besides, SharPoint Consulting Service professionals will assist you on how to improve your business security by opting for more scalable, flexible quick and responsive cloud framework.

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With years of experience, Suma Soft has been empowering its clients to forge ahead with strength through our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Our Dynamics CRM services provide a wide array of features enabling clients to consolidate customer feedback and suggestions to provide a better service with a better understanding of their needs and requirements. The team of Dynamics CRM in Suma Soft are passionate about creating extra-ordinary result-oriented projects.

Microsoft dynamics 365 brings in the digital transformation of business to manage your core business functions such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Service, Finance and Operations, Talent etc. Suma Soft knows the right implementation to deliver high value to your organization and complete the customer lifecycle management. Our team is not only experienced and knowledgeable but it is passionate about custom development.


Microsoft Azure cloud computing service by Suma Soft helps you excel in increasing your businesses scalability by creating and developing flexible infrastructure for your business. Our team of Microsoft Azure development offers the best services in the industry with their dedication and  creativity. We are known to meet the on-demand requirements of technologies and tools of a cloud system. Backed up with years of experience in sophisticated technology, we turn the digital disruption into business advantages.

Power BI is an interactive visualization tool with all the business intelligence capabilities that provides organizational data insights. Its easy-to-use interface enables users to collect the complex information, then clean and transform it into a powerful data model. An intuitive visualization of data through charts and graphs make the life of its users hassle-free. Moreover, Power BI allows its users govern the data by creating own dashboards and reports with 360 degree real-time view.


Suma Soft’s Office 365 Consulting Services are designed for all sizes of industries, where users discover the accessibility to latest business software and administrators are introduced to enhanced and centralized management portal. Our Office 365 Consulting Services give 100% reassurance to the organizations that their workforce feels more productive and efficient by making the data more secure and safer. We help you redefine the business goals as well as create a customized Road Map along with support plan.

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MS-Stack development compromises of layered structures of services that are used to develop software solutions with .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C Sharp, Sharepoint, Dynamic CRM, Dynamic 365, Azure. Being a licensed partner of Microsoft, we provide MS-Stack Development for all kinds of MS applications.