Microsoft Active Directory Support Services
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Active Directory Support Services

Microsoft Active Directory Support service is a hierarchical database structure that shares infrastructure information for securing, managing and organizing computer and network resources including files, folders, users, groups and network devices. The system of Active Directory uses the Windows server operating system.

Suma Soft provides various services under Active Directory Support. We help your organization in migration from Microsoft Exchange to Active Directory System to create a unified directory structure. We diagnose and resolve complex problems concerned with workstation and server authentication in an Active Directory Environment. Our support services monitor the health and operations of a complex Active Directory environment. Our services provide installation and configuration, assistance for designing enterprise-wide security policies and procedures and further help you to implement these policies.

Flexible Pricing Methodology

We follow a scalable pricing methodology under which we handle your simple and complex project requirements. While helping you sort out your customer support requirements, we allow you to focus on core business functions thereby boost your productivity.

Advantages of Suma Soft’s Active Directory Support Services

Certified Silver Partner of Microsoft

Being a certified Silver partner of Microsoft, we provide trusted and reliable services bringing high scalability for your business.

24*7 Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated team of Microsoft Active Directory support monitors the network 24*7 and maintain it throughout by taking immediate steps to resolve issues and bugs.

End-user Support

We provide end-user support by training them and helping them to troubleshoot the issues erupting from time to time.

Customized Design Plan

Considering the various needs of every organization, Suma Soft offers customized design, installation and configuration plan which will give efficient results for your system in particular.

Case Studies

Suma Soft delivered trustworthy Level 1 Tech Support Services and Level 2 Tech Support Services to a real-time monetization and subscriber management software provider and increase the coverage hours.

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Level1 and Level2 Support Services - Suma Soft

Suma Soft provides excellent Level 1 Technical Support Services to an LTL Freight provider. A fully-trained team of support engineers was put in place to handle all types of queries and requests made by client.

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Technical Support Services - Suma Soft

Microsoft Active Directory Support - Suma Soft
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