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Manual Testing Services

What is Manual Testing Services?

Manual testing services is the process of finding bugs or defect in software or applications without making use of any automated tool. All the test cases are executed manually to ensure the software is a bug- free. In manual testing, the tester focus on the exploring entire user interface of software to find as many defects possible. For manual testing services, usually, two approaches are used namely the static and dynamic testing approach.

Suma Soft specializes in providing Manual Testing services for Cloud, mobile and web applications. We prepare a validation checklist that covers all possible validations. Our manual testers follow a systematic procedure to conduct functional and non-functional testing of software.

Benefits of Manual Testing Services
  • Manual Testing Services win over Automation testing as automation can have shortcomings of inductive reasoning, human intuition, perspective, and knowledge.
  • Manual Testing can be executed in scenarios where it is technically not feasible to conduct a automated testing.
  • It is difficult to analyze the user interface using Automation testing, Manual Testing allows to validate the properties of interface and design elements more effectively.

Our Manual Testing Services Include

Functional Testing


Our Functional Testing services deal with functional requirements/specifications such as links, buttons, fields, forms. The various types of testing conducted under this category are Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing, Unit Testing, Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, and others.

Non- Functional Testing


Non- functional testing is concerned with the overall behavior of the system under specific conditions. We provide a wide range of Non- Functional Testing services such as Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing, Compatibility testing, Reliability testing, Usability testing, Localization testing, Compliance testing, and Security testing.

White/Black Box Testing


Our developers can execute manual testing using different methodologies such as White Box, Black Box Testing, and Grey Box Testing. In white box testing, our manual testers are familiar with the structure, design, implementation and other details of the software that is being tested. In black box testing, the functionality of the software is tested without inspecting the internal structure of code or program

Case Studies

Suma Soft provided advanced Testing Solutions to a leading US-based product development firm with an easy-to-use, thoroughly tested and fully functional product.

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Suma Soft provided end-to-end Testing Solution for a SaaS product developed by an Indian IT Firm for a Japan-based client creating a smooth and quick functionality.

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